Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hello May.

Hello there fifth month,

I'm pretty excited because you have some exciting promises for me. Here are the things that will happen in your 31 days.

1. I have an interview tomorrow for this major apprenticeship thingie. Chances of me being chosen is about 5%, but lets look at the bright side and see it as an experience.

2. Noelle will be visiting next weekend, all the way from her far far away land with some gifts for me. We will have dinner or lunch, and gossip.

3. My graduation ceremony is middle of this month, and I would have that special pink sash to wear which indicates that not only I graduated first class, but I'm also a recipient of the Vice Chancellor Award.

I do hope you'll be better than April. You know what I mean, those dreams.



chimidama said...

hello hanis,

congrats for the pink sash! me so jelly. be prepared to be called 'kelas pertama',loudly by the emcee. i just got second class. congrats to you :)

I just started my May with pain. just diagnosed to have migraine. too bad :(

Launna said...

Congratulations on your graduation :)

Hanis. said...


Thank you. Im really excited for it cause I never thought I would get it.

Awww. I have migraine too. Find what triggers it and avoid those.

Mark said...

With the graduation and the friend it sounds like you're in for a good month no matter what. Congratulations on graduating in such spectacular fashion too.

Laila N Mysis said...

D'aw, congratulations on the pink sash event x) I also hope you get the apprentice. Even if your 5% estimation is correct, it's still A Chance ^_^

Furree Katt said...

Omg, congrats and well done, Hanis! ♥

kae said...

Congratulations!:) I hope you get that apprenticeship thing. Im sure youll have a great month ahead.:)

Hi! hope you still remember me. im back to blogging! my latest:

Anonymous said...

seriously dude??? you dapat VC???!!!! homai!! that's like dean's list every semester right?? what program did you take?

Hanis. said...

Haha. Yeapp. DL every sem. Degree in Actuarial Science.


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