Monday, May 27, 2013

Them Cookies Expanded. And a Plea for a Recipe.

Last Friday, I got bitten by the baking bug. I realised that ever since I started on this "eat right" kick of mine, I haven't baked anything that's not sugar free.

I got jittery and told myself I have to bake something. So I took a look in the fridge and saw that we didn't even have butter. A quick pop into the grocery store for butter, turned into a 10 minute search for the cat's food.

I searched for a recipe, using an app on my phone where I type in the ingredients I want to use and some keywords to get a list of recipes.

I checked the fridge, nothing chocolate. Took it as a sign that I have to make something chocolateless. Gasp.

Sugar cookies.

Butter, sugar, flour, eggs, salt, baking powder, vanilla essence. Done.

It said "12 minutes of preparation". Which did not include the chilling part. A quick look through Google told me that I need to chill the dough in the freezer for at least 2 hours.


So I creamed the butter and sugar (Of course, decreasing the amount) together while sifting the flour, salt and baking powder. 

Cracked in an egg into the sugary butter, wait and spoon in the flour slowly. And then, I decided to make some adjustments and make lemon sugar cookies instead.

Grated a lemon for the zest, squeeze for some juice and mix those up with the vanilla essence. Pour into the mix.

Poke with a finger and wonder if the dough should be that sticky.

Add a tablespoon of flour. Wrap the dough up in those clear saran wrap thingie and chilled it in the freezer for two hours.

After dinner, I was excited to bake em cookies. Instead of using a rolling pin, I merely put the dough between two layers of that wrap thingie and pound on it with my hand. No cookie cutter? Use a glass.

Set the cookies on the baking pan, buttered. Scatter almond bits over the cookies and pop into the oven. Halfway, I took them out and drizzled honey. Back in.

And repeat. Repeat. Them cookies expanded.

Now, I want to make a cereal bar. Like, those healthy ones. No white sugar. Or corn syrup. Maybe something using either oats or corn flakes or both. Something simple that doesn't require me buying 5 kinds of seeds. Or use peanut butter.

GDI Hanis. So picky.

Anyone out there with a recipe like that? Or the basic "cereal bar" recipe that you can make adjustments to?

I'll love you.

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Mark said...

I'm afraid I don't know any cereal bar recipes but the cookies sound like they were put together quite well. I hope they were as delicious as they sound.


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