Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cause You Feel Like Paradise, And I Need a Vacation Tonight.

My alarm rings at 8am, playing a tune known as "Coconut" which I suppose should bring the image of sitting on a beach, sipping fresh coconut water as hot Brazillian men play beach volleyball in front of me. As usual, I'll roll around a bit as the bad part of me tells me to just skip every single class for the day but then I'll remember that I already did that last week.

Most people check their phones when they wake up, I turn on my laptop and check Facebook, Blogger and 9gag. Yes, not so unique there. After 5 minutes, I force myself to get up and drag myself into the bathroom. Quick disrobing and jumping underneath the cold cold shower which like a miracle worker, woke me up. Deciding that my hair needs some loving, I shampoo it and try to make a mohawk but decided to make a weird looking twisty bun on top of my head.

Letting all the bubbles in my hair, I lather my sponge with the almond milk shower cream before giving my body a good scrub with it. Don't worry, while I do this the shower is turned off. A quick rinse and its time for the conditioner. As I wait that out, I begin my face washing and tooth brushing act. After 4 minutes, I let myself enjoy the cold shower once more before turning it off for the last time.

With some water dripping down my back, I pick out my outfit for the day, a simple baju kurung with a light brown background and small flowers in blue, pink and white. Being the lazy person I'am, I decide to just wear it even though class is in 2 hours. A quick application of my yummylicious vanilla body lotion from Body Shop, I slip on half of my outfit before going into the kitchen to fill up the electric kettle and turn it on.

As the kettle starts its job, I take a small facial cotton pad and pour some of my toner, wiping my face with it before applying a thin layer of whitening cream and sunblock/foundation. By the time I'm back in the kitchen with my mug and packet of instant coffee, the kettle pops and the light dies. Water, is boiled.

I pull out my folding desk and set it up with my laptop and coffee mug. As I sign into yahoo messenger, I pull out a pen from my pencil case and twist my hair into a bun using it. Why? Its still damp and I don't want my clothes to get wet from it but I don't want to tie up my hair and risk even more damage.

I greet Mokesart good morning and decided to take some pictures using my built in web cam. I look tired, aka the eyes aren't big enough yet. Plugging in my earphones, I start listening to Katherine McPhee's version of Run. And decide to write this post while packing my bag as light as I can.

Good morning people. Oh yes, the title is from Sma Tsui's version of Hold it Against Me since Britney's one sounds like its a soundtrack of a cheesy 80's porn movie. I got that from a friend's opinion.


Laila N Mysis said...

♥ Sam Tsui. And you sound like you had very serene morning.

I don't check anything when I wake up. I have to go through all the processes of changing, brushing, eating, cleaning, morning walk, etc until I can settle down ^^

Mark said...

Your morning certainly does sound better than mine. I don't think I could ever be that productive at the start of a morning.

Ghadeer said...

You sound like one of those super-energetic morning people :/


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