Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Guest Post by Furree: Bad Boy.

the bad boy at school
wore his uniform like it 
was his own prison

he glanced at me and
i felt my heart explode
till he looked away

because he had much
more pressing matters that took
his wandering eyes

across the fuller girl's
body, with a smirk he sized her up
and flicked his tongue on

those sharp canines that
were welcome to pierce my heart
at any given time but

alas, he wanted
the fuller girl because i
was too young for him.

This is the first ever guest post on my blog. Its by the wonderful Furree who I did a guest post for few days ago. This is what she said regarding this wonderful poetry.

"Hi Hanis! I thought, since you wrote a poem, I should write a poem for you, too. I hope you like it. It's a bit emo and angst-y but I'm not very good at poetry and I really think you've inspired me so this is the first time I'm letting a poem of mine get published ANYWHERE. Haha"

I'm veryvery honoured for two things. The fact that she said I inspired her and that this is the first time a Furree poem is published. Yes, this will be written down in history books one day. I love her poem and wished I was the one who wrote it. And Furree, there's nothing wrong with writing emo/angst-y poetry, those are the best.

Oh yes, if anyone out there wishes to write a guest post on this blog, drop me an email over here. If you're at loss for a topic, I can give you few options.


Mark said...

It does feel really good to know you inspired someone, and she's better than she thinks she is. That was pretty good.

Laila N Mysis said...

Once again, I'm at a loss of what to say, but it's a nice poem *thumbup*

Furree Katt said...

Aww thank you guys, it really means a lot.


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