Wednesday, November 14, 2012

USS Trip: End.

While looking for pictures for this last post on the USS trip, I realised that we didn't take that much trip after the whole Shrek thing. So this post would have a random bunch of pictures.

 We went to Madagascar ... which was kinda on the same level of Jurassic Park in terms of excitement. Lil bro bought a bag of chips and it started to rain. We then found ourselves back in Hollywood (yes, its not that big of a place) so we took a slower walk. We stopped to pray at the place provided and found ourselves back in Egypt. Where:

We got on this slow jeep kind of ride and Dad made me take a picture of us and what do you see? My multiple chins. 

Dad wanted a picture beside the Autobots' logo and he took another one beside a car version of Bumblebee. I think he did that one mostly for the car and wanted to brag about it. Yes, so cute.

We then went to watch this musical show where there's monsters singing popular songs. I developed a mighty crush on the only non monster cast member. This hot blond guy . Yes. Just my type, Mokesart.

We then went to eat at this diner style place where the fries are amaaaayyzing and then just walked around the shops till it was closing time at 7pm. Which posed a problem. The bus was scheduled to come at 9. 2 hours of staring outside the park at the fancy fancy stores.

I went straight to the chocolate shop and stocked up on Reese's since its pretty much super hard to get over here in Malaysia. What does a Reese taste like? Pretty freaking amazing. It has that chocolate taste with the saltiness of peanut butter. After that? We sat and enjoyed the night air.

This is the decoration outside the candy shop. Yes, there's a chocolate shop and a candy shop. Mama wouldn't let me go inside cause she knows I'll be wanting something even when I don't really like sweet that much.

Bored+ camera in hand. Yes, those are my legs. Short. But mine.

The bus came at 9 and I fell asleep till we got to the Singapore customs and did the whole customs thingie, twice cause Malaysia customs is only 3 minutes away. We arrived at the hotel around 11pm and what did we do? Get a late dinner from a stall beside the hotel. I decided to indulge myself in Mushroom Fried Rice while Dad had Chicken Fried Rice, Lil Bro had Seafood Fried Rice and Mama had noodles.

By the time we got back to our hotel room, I was ready for a long cold shower just because it was icky after a long day. By half past midnight, Lil Bro was snoring with the remote underneath his tummy and I had to poke him for it.

Mama sneaked into the room at 7 to get a Reese and after rolling around, we had breakfast at the buffet and the scones + clotted cream+ jam wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I really need to try some great ones. Went back to the room, rolled around and packed our bags before checking out.

BUT, we then stopped at Johor Premium Outlet which are filled with ... elite aka super expensive stores that have discounted items. Discounted my ass.

700 ringgit for a purse? Well, from Michael Kors. But maybe it is cheap. For people who are used to these kinda shops. I only went into two other shops which I know the price range are. And hey, they were cheap-ish. Vincci and Body Shop. I bought a bottle of vanilla lotion from the latter and Mama got a lipstick.

Look at my face. I was trying to convince Mama to buy me something to drink from Starbucks. She said no.

Conclusion of the trip.

Well, if you have never ever ever been to a Universal Studios theme park, make Singapore your first one. If you've been to the one in Orlando (like we did way back in 97), it would be a bit of a disappointing experience in terms of the number of attractions. You'll probably sound spoiled when you go:

Oh, just this?

Unless you want to ride the Cylon a dozen times. I think the Battlestar Galatica rollercoaster, the Transformer 3D ride and the cute guy in the musical makes it fun.

Go on a non holiday weekday and you won't have to line up 2 hours for a single ride. Check the weather. Do not convert the price to your own currency because you'll end up not wanting to buy. Go in the morning so you can have ample time to try the rides and watch the shows.

Now, to cross off USS from my list of theme parks to go to.


Mark said...

Sounds like it was really quite a good trip, even if it's not as spectacular as it's sister park. I imagine they really went all out in Orlando. Shame about the two hour wait but you made the most of it.

Furree Katt said...


Laila N Mysis said...


Your trip sounded lovely - even if it wasn't supermegafantastically awesome compared to your other trips, it was still something, right? ^^


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