Wednesday, November 7, 2012

USS Trip: Shrek and Fiona.

Egypt is a part of Universal Studios that got a restaurant, gift shop, an indoor roller coaster and this ... kid's ride of a Jeep. So, hungry and giddy, I dragged my family to the restaurant there.

Lil bro and I in front of said restaurant.

Look at what greeted us in the entrance. See that big bag I'm carrying? I don't even know why we brought that along.

I wish we took pictures of the food or more of the restaurant's interior but we were really really hungry. There were few sets to choose from, mostly rice with a protein dish and a vegetable dish. Seeing as the portions was kinda big, we bought two sets where one had briyanni rice, lamb masalla and brinjal curry while the other had roasted chicken and mix veges. And there were the desserts . All I know its some kind of pudding that's yellow and according to Mama, smell like henna.

So, nope, we skipped dessert.

The parents after the meal. Dad's a bit tummy upset after the Cylon while Mama seems pretty eager to get going. Look behind them, pretty interesting wall deco, right?

One last picture of the restaurant's entrance. It was pretty empty but I can imagine the crowd if we went on the weekends or school holidays.

This is the indoor roller coaster. Around the time this picture was taken, the waiting time is 45 minutes so I just shrugged and told my parents perhaps later. I went on the ride 3 hours later where walking from the entrance to the ride is longer than how long I waited.  Its super dark, with some scary effects. Very fast, kinda like the Human but since its dark, I didn't really feel as if I'm in danger of being blast off from my seat.

In front of the ride. Practically forced Dad to take this p;icture.

I remember watching Jurassic Park as a kid and god, I was really scared by the kitchen scene.  I apologise for the lack of pictures in this part but honestly? This is perhaps the most boring part ever. They had this water raft ride which is .. tame-ish for me. They had this slow rollercoaster thingie meant to enjoy the view. And ... that is all I think. 

But! This is one of the pretty features there. 

We then moved on to Far Far Away Land. Which is the cutest ever. The shops were all in character and for me, this section is the one where its most consistent with the features. They have this small rollercoaster which I rode, it was .. 20 seconds. 

But, the main attraction is the 4D adventure where you sit in the movie theater with your 3D glasses on as you watch Fiona get kidnapped on her honeymoon. It was very enjoyable. The chairs shook as Shrek galloped on a horse. Donkey sneezed and you feel water on your face. A spider gets dropped, followed by his whole family, you'll feel things crawling on your legs. Pretty epic but only if you sit in the front rows. Which of course, we did.

Dad was pretty excited to get his picture taken with these two. There was a long line and he dragged me with him. Isn't that cute?

One last view of the castle before we head on, all tired to the last section.

I know, late post but this week has been super busy. Super super. The next post will be the conclusion of this trip.


Furree Katt said...

I've said it once, I'll say it again: ADOPT ME.

I love your family! You guys are the cutest. Your mum looks super sweet. I loved how your dad wanted to take the photo with Shrek and Fiona. Those costumes are veryyyy realistic! I wanna hug Fiona, haha.

What kind of roller coaster only lasts for 20 seconds :O that is like, SO RUDE and unfair.

Mark said...

The restaurant looks very nice but I'm not too sure about the food. The Shrek ride sounds pretty fun too. I wondered what they meant by 4D as to my knowledge the fourth dimension is time.

Laila N Mysis said...

*sigh* I guess when I thought Jurassic Park, I thought of real dinosaurs. That sure would have made it fun :/

But the Egyptian indoor rollercoasted entrance? I donno, the one with the massive statues - it looks epic o.O

The whole thing for me, personally, looks surreal, only something I'd see in a travel brochure, but never actually go to.

Furree Katt said...

^ But real dinosaurs... are... extinct... O.O


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