Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Two Honest Thoughts.

The first thought is pretty light but if you want the heavy stuffs, skip to the second one. That one might make some people aka people who might have came from my list of Facebook friends feel offended/insulted/get hit right in ignorance but oh well.

First thought:

The whole Twilight hating is not that big over here in Malaysia, where the ones that hate it are men. I find myself a very very small minority when I scoffed at the topic of the release of Breaking Dawn tomorrow. Fine, I've read it which is only possible because I read it before it became a big thing. By the time I finished, I watched the first movie and cringed at it. The bad bad bad storyline is made more obvious and I then joined the party of Twilight snubbing.

I find myself more excited for the Life of Pi, and Dad seemed interested when he saw the making of feature on tv last weekend. So, this might be a movie the family will be watching together. I read the book when I was .. 16 or so and it was a nice book. And yes, the whole Twilight series is a joke and a shame upon vampire related books.

Second thought:

There was this post on Facebook going around about how Hitler talked to this religious Muslim guy or something and found out that in Islam, Jews are considered as evil, which led to him rounding them up, and you know what happened. This post is popular because it said that Hitler let some Jews live so he can show the world why did he kill so many of them. I have no idea of its accuracy. But oh, the people who grabbed upon that fact.

To be honest, anyone who tries to justify Hitler's actions should frankly get out of my sight, get off my blog and perhaps try to educate themself.

I know, there's a long history of Jews and what they did in the history of Islam but that is it. Do not freaking go all:

"Jews are evil! "

When you get pissed off when people say Islam is a violent religion or that Muslims are terrorists.

Hypocrites. Fuck all of you.

To the person who tried telling me that Hitler left some blah blah blah, I know that somewhere deep in that brain of yours, is a stupid place. You rarely read. Your general knowledge sucks. And god, you dare to make Hitler look good?

You're someone who believes readily in those theories posts on Facebook, whether its about eating tinned sardines can cause cancer, or that the Smurfs is about some religion thing. I'm glad you didn't watch the Olympic opening ceremony or you would have said that Voldemort figure is actually the Illuminati dissing Musa aka Moses.

Next time you pick your phone up to browse through Facebook, go to Wikipedia and read up Josef Mengele for a start. Move on to what they did in the concentration camps. And then slap yourself with your phone when you realise how ignorant you are.

 My lil brother is more informed than you.

And to all those Muslims out there who goes on about how Jews/gays/practically everyone else is going to hell, why don't you go and better yourself? That will make your chance of getting into Jannah(heaven) increase rather than pointing out those people who's going to hell. Are you sure you're not going to be neighbours with them?

I'm a Muslim and I don't say who's going to hell or heaven. Only Allah can do that.


Ghadeer said...

Wow, I had no idea about that circulating story, people can be so ignorant.

Twilight-hate-club member here :)

Mark said...

People be idiots and sometimes I'm not sure how to react. They annoy me so much, but I do hate to see ignorance and I want to try and educate them. It's very nice and refreshing to see someone religious like yourself saying you don't have the right to say someone is going to hell. I think personally all these people persecuting the gays are more likely to go to hell than the gays themselves.

Laila N Mysis said...


I'm not a member of the Twilight hating club.


I don't actually like it at all, but ... okay, it started like this. I read it before it became a big thing too, and I LOVED it, because it was my first vampire story, and rather than the plot (or lack of), characters, romance, I just loved how indestructible vampires were. Don't ask. Then I went overseas, and whenever I go overseas, my interest in everything outside of family seems to diminish. Came back, Twilight wasn't so big with me, and then I joined the hating club (because it's fun), and then I don't know, I realised what's the point? Other than the parodies, the rants and raves get annoying, and also, I couldn't help but think what if I had a story published some day, and people hated on it as viciously as they do with this? I'd go in a corner and cry. And so I felt sorry for Ms Meyer, and I quit the club.

Yeah. Story of my life. I don't kow why I felt like saying that. I guess I just don't like seeing the 'hate' thing anymore.

SECONDLY, GOOD HEAVENS. Are people that slow?

Have you heard of the hadith where there was a funeral procession walking down the road, and the Prophet (SAW)got up to join it? Then his companion was like, 'why are joining that funeral? It's for a Jew.'

And then, our beloved Prophet (SAW), basically said: 'Why not? Doesn't he have a soul?'

Obviously those weren't the actual words, if you want I could find it for you. I'm getting sick of stupid people (so called Muslims too)running around saying we hate Jews -_-'

Furree Katt said...

I read Twilight when it was big, I guess I was around 14 that time, which is probably the age group the book series is targeted towards. Hence, I liked it. However I saw the first movie and lost interest. As I grew older I started reading books targeted towards adults and then disregarded Twilight as a tween things with a childish, albeit creative, plot.

Anyway, I always stay away from religious arguments. I never shove my opinions in people's faces. In fact, I try my best to never comment on any such issues! After all, who am I to judge others for their deeds? I treat everyone as humans with no prejudices. It helps greatly in avoiding misunderstandings or foolish arguments.


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