Friday, November 2, 2012

USS Trip: First Half of the Day.

On the second day, Dad woke us up at 6-ish so we can go to breakfast at 7 am and even though I was yawning while looking at the buffet spread, I managed to chow down some of the delicious food. The bus was scheduled to arrive at 9 am and we were done with breakfast 90 minutes before that. So, off to a short nap and rolling around in bed before waiting at the lobby.

The bus took us to the bridge, first stopping at the Malaysia customs, got our passport checked before going back into the bus. Then it was to the Singapore customs, got our passport stamped and it was back to the bus. Pretty hectic routine there.

From there, it was 40 minutes till we got to Sentosa Island where the bus dropped us off in this basement parking. There were few escalators leading upwards and from there, I heard the music playing.  The good thing is that we went on a non holiday weekday, which cuts down on all the time spent in queues.

Yes, that is me and my lil bro standing in front of the Universal Studios globe thingie. I fully suspect that they have a thing for mist/fog because they kept using it in its rides. Look at my overly excited face.

The theme park is divided into few sections : Hollywood, New York, Sci Fi, Egypt, Lost World Of Jurassic Park, Madagascar and Far Far Away. You just go around in a circle to see them all. 

Being us, the family who rarely take pictures, I just realised that we didn't take that many pictures. >.> But oh well.

This is a prop in New York, I'm not sure if it signifies anything but I remember thinking "Oh lookie. A helicopter."

This is the first attraction we went to: Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg. It is basically a room where you can see how an empty sound stage be set to be a major hurricane in New York, right in front of your eyes.

I know, I was thinking "God, how ironic is it that I'm watching this when Sandy is going cray cray in New York."

That aside, it was a pretty cool attraction and we were in the front row, watching the water build up, the lightning, the fire, the wind and yes, the prop falling into the water and splashing us. BOOM. Right at Mama and lil bro.

This is me and Mama outside the attraction, in front of some quaint looking shop, which is only a window display. If its up to me, we would have taken pictures every five feet.

They decided to make a mini mini version of New York public library and later that day, they had Sesame Street characters performing on the steps and I missed out watching that. But I did sit on the steps while watching some dancing.

This is from Transformers The Ride: Ultimate 3D Battle. 40 minutes queue, thankfully indoors. Its very very awesome. Yes, we got the first row again. There's 12 people per ride, in this car thingie which is actually an Autobot named Evac (new character apparently and I got a crush on his voice) with 4 people in 3 rows. It takes us on this wild wild ride and with those 3D glasses on, we were screaming as we were dragged by Megatron, fell off a skyscraper, get shot at and well, its worth the wait.

And this is the best thing in the whole theme park for me. Its Battlestar Galactica and as you can see, there's two tracks: Blue and Red. The Blue one is Cylon and the  Red one is Human. I was advised to ride the Human first and I dragged Dad and lil bro to both tracks. Again, it was only a mere 5 minutes queue and I took my shoes off, in fear of them flying off.

The Human is like a regular roller coaster, but going up to 90 km per hour, with plenty of zero gravity moments where you feel as if you're falling with your butt rising from your seat.

The Cylon is the one that I love. You're basically hanging there, with your feet dangling about. 360 degree turns, tons of turning and just plain awesomeness. Halfway through, I was laughing at every turn and clapping my hands at the end of the ride.

But, to make sure you guys really get what I'm saying, watch this video. You HAVE TO. And yes, the two roller coasters are launched at the same time, hence making you feel at moments, that you will collide with the other. And I think the person slowed down the video a bit because it was sure a hell lot faster in reality.

Look at lil bro's face, he didn't enjoy Cylon as much as I did. He screamed at me everytime I laughed on it. And look at my face, adrenaline still coursing in my blood because I was giddy for a while. 

We then consulted our map for any Halal restaurants and the nearest one is in Egypt. So we went off, it was getting very sunny and we were hungry, and I was giddy.

The entrance to Egypt. 

Next post will be about how the rest of the day went. With more pictures.


Mark said...

The Transformers ride sounds awesome but also sad because I can't use 3D glasses :( It does sound like a very enjoyable day though. Remember, if anything uses water, don't sit in the first row.

Laila N Mysis said...


Did you go to the Jurassic Park-y place??? I NEED TO HEAR ABOUT THAT. And I've never been on a real rollercoaster O_O I really want to try one now, though!

*adds this to places-to-go list*

Furree Katt said...

I am so jealous right now that you got to visit such an epic place. WOW. I absolutely love roller coasters and the picture of Battlestar Galactica is making me cry tears of awe!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

LOL at your brother's face, haha. It's so funny that you weren't scared but he was!

And, you and your mum are SO CUTE!!!! Adopt me so that we can embark on wonderful adventures together!


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