Saturday, May 12, 2012

50 Things I Wish I Can Say/Do.

Here's the list. Writing it was interesting. Things I never thought of just came up. I didn't write the list down in order because that's just the way I'am.

I had Mokesart take a look at it, in case any of those 50 things didn't count. So please enjoy this list and perhaps tell me if any of them might also be something you wish you can say/do.

1. Go up to this one girl and tell her off for being such a holier-than-thou born again who so deserves a bitch slap for what she did to a friend of mine.

2. Be brave enough to ask a guy out, not choke on my words the way I did the other day. (Why did I even think about it?)

3. Side parking.

4. Reverse parking.

5. Being able to go into a bookstore and choose a book under ten minutes.

6. Tell that ex crush of mine that I was clearly high on something during my very brief interest on him.

7. Laugh off any comments about my weight.

8. Send a message to someone who used to be one of my closest friend and tell her that perhaps, we should have kept in contact.

9. Not let that someone put down everything I say about food/ what I like to eat.

10. Go bungee jumping at the theme park .

11. Finish my novel, Xandria.

12. Hug Louis Tomlison one day and get hugged back.

13. Stop fearing rejection.

14. Get in contact with a Jenny who I was friends with in Eakin Elementary.

15. Look up this one Matthew I had my very first crush on at the tender age of 7 and accuse him of setting the standard for phsyical attraction tell him of the childish crush that lasted for 2 years.

16. Sew, even a button is enough for me.

17. Brush the back of my hand against his, again.

18. Compile a collection of my short stories and notes on them.

19. Have a date at a theme/amusement park where we'll try to ride all the thrill rides.

20. Not having to execute Plan C which in turn makes him not having to execute his Plan B.

21. Talk to No.1.

22. Do that ridiculous thing I did last year. (While ignoring that I failed that time.)

23. Proudly tell people in my life that yes, I write and I hope to make something out of it one day.

24. Tell my Additional Math teacher who had told me that I would never be pursuing something that uses advanced mathematical skills due to my poor grades (due to her poor teaching skills and obvious preferences for smart students) that I'm in my final year for a Bachelor's Degree in Actuarial Science. HAH. Take that.

25. Join in a Speakers' Corner, even once.

26. Start small talk with strangers or semi-strangers.

27. Draw a perfect circle in one try.

28. Lose that bet.

29. Keep a diary and write in it for a year. (Last time I did that, I was a mere teenager with the need to write down every single feeling)

30. Stay up all night, watching the stars with someone I feel comfortable with.

31. Fill up my Travel Tin within 2-3 years which will take a lot of will power.

32. Feel that flutter in my heart.

33. Look into a mirror without thinking a single criticism.

34. Tell him that he was the first person ever to made me blush.

35. Tell one girl from high school in a face to face conversation that I feel sorry for her and her matryr behaviour.

36. Keep on remembering certain people by the way they smell.

37. Finish writing that "Dream Partner" essay that's been sleeping in one of my folders for about 2 years now.

38. Tell him that "I'm beautiful and you're just blind and dumb not to agree with that.".

39. Tell some people that they clearly underestimate my growing up as a person when they're the ones who's still stuck in high school mode.

40.Tell that someone that I think they're just desperate, grasping at any opportunity.

41. Go up to this one person and tell them "Hey you. More attention on me. Thank you."

42. Tell my homeroom teacher in 5th grade what every student in the school was thinking when we were told that she'll be moving to some war-torn country due to her husband's job.

43. Stop dreaming of certain people then analysing the meaning behind those dreams.

44. Tell some people I know that they're too materialistic, considering their background.

45. Walk into a room/around places with people without imagining the bad things those people are thinking about my appearance.

46. Tell off someone who smokes around non-smoking people.

47. Read a book without peeking aka reading the last chapter just to know the ending before I get there.

48. Stop caring what relatives think about me. (I'm the black sheep on one side, the loser/boring one on the other.)

49. Call him and tell him thank you for giving me one of life's experiences.

50. Successfully bake a cake (My baking failure it seems)


Izzy Hilliard said...

This is amazing! When I read there were so many things I completely agreed with!

Mark said...

This is a lovely list. I have to say when it comes to the ones about contacting people, it's better to just do that. So you don't wonder what would have happened if you did. People who you used to know might not be good for you now, but it's better to know. Right?

PurpleMist. said...

This list is perfect!
I can actually relate to some of it.


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