Friday, May 11, 2012

Birth of the Travel Tin

I went out with a classmate during a nice afternoon due to that day's 4pm class being cancelled. We took 2 bus, walked a bit and went into different stores. We first found ourselves captivated by a home deco house, my mind filled with ideas of decorating my own house one day.

Then, we went to this store known for its 5 ringgit items and that's where we went wild finally took out our purses.

I was tempted by this print of a painting of a woman in a cream dress, a big hat that covers most of her face except for the bottom. Then I was tempted by the collection of make-up bags.

But then I saw the best thing ever. On a shelf were a row of piggy banks shaped like one of those collection tins. What caught my eye was the design, how every tin had a well-known landmark of a city and its name.

I know, its SO coooool, right?

Haha. I bought it, for a mere 5 ringgit with a purpose in mind.

I'm going to fill it up until its so heavy, until I can't even fit in the smallest coin. Then, I'll smash it open so I can use the amount for my first ever travel, location to be determined.

It might be used for the airplane ticket, or it might be my food money, or my shopping money (I seriously doubt that) or it might just be a fraction into the whole budget.

So I'll be starting it this Friday once I finish my studying week, pushing in my balance into it every other week so I'll still have money on hand to buy anything aka books/iced chocolate drink/cakes.

You guys are of course most welcomed to send in money so I can put it in my Travel Tin

Here's to the hopeful weight increase of my Travel Tin.


Mark said...

It sounds like a good idea but I can't help but think it would have been better if you picked a tin of where you were going to go so that you could use it as a reminder of why you're saving as well. Still, good luck. I think one of the purposes of tins like that is for people to save up specifically for holidays, and use the tins themselves as a nice reminder.

PurpleMist. said...

A Travil Tin sounds like a good idea!
Make sure you keep adding to it. Because I had one, in one of my classes back in school we have to make a money box type thing with wood. I was all excited at first to fill it up, then I just stopped :/
Now it has like maybe around rm10 or so.


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