Monday, May 7, 2012

Blindness Inspired by House and #32.

First of all, I don't mean any insult to law majors. Or any of the other majors I mentioned. I wrote this short fic few weeks ago, the prompt taking me into a whole new plot. While writing this, I was enjoying House MD where the sexy Gregory House had a stick and a badass attitude. I name him the inspiration to the character. Do enjoy. Comment.


Oh god, another party where I'm the only blind person. Well, maybe, since in the past 20 minutes, no one has told me about the other blind person in the room. I also didn't see anyone with a walking stick and a vacant look in their eyes so far. Joke.

The lady in front of me sounds like a law major to me. You know. Full of herself, talk in such a beat-around-the-bush manner while exuding such charm. Not that I have anything against law majors but there has to be a law somewhere that forbids such ego building in someone.

Smiling at something witty she just said, I wondered if she's a brunette with green eyes. I should slip that in sometime tonight. Oh yes, being blind does seem to let me get away with certain things. Such as asking things bluntly.

"So, what are you majoring in?"

"Well, blindness."

I can practically see the horror on their faces. Joke. The law major made a tittering sound, as if considering how to move the topic while the guy beside her chocked back a laughter. Well well, her boyfriend seems to possess more humour than her.

"Did I say blindness? I mean History."

Relief coursed through the air as I paid attention to the boyfriend's voice. It was not too deep, full of long sss. Interesting. He doesn't sound like a law major to me. Too laid back. Tilting my head slightly in a fake interest of the conversation, I tried imagining the guy. Blond wavy hair, careless smile. Perhaps an ink on his biceps. Math major. They won't last the year.

"Excuse me, I see my friend calling me over from the bar."

My departure was awesome. Laughter and the feeling of being insulted lingered around them. My usual preference. Holding onto my walking stick, I raised my glass of virgin mary for a sip. No alcohol for me. Can't drink and drive. Joke.

The lack of tap-tap-tapping of my stick told me the house had carpeting, not too lush though
since my heels didn't sink in. The party was building up, judging by the number of "Ouch" I'm
getting and the number of people that keep bumping into me.

Hello, blind person here. Can't you see?

The air smell like the food. Mexican. Oh god, I'm hungry. Sniffing the air, I made my way towards the source, the taste of tacos already in my mouth. My eagerness made me bump into someone with my elbow digging in their side.

"I'm so sorry. I'm just too excited for the buffet table and well, I can't see you."

"Its okay. Do you need any help?"

Sincerity in voice? Check. Oh and that heavenly cologne? Maybe. I liked his voice enough to slide my hand around his elbow, the glass of virgin mary held firmly. He led me towards the buffet table, the smell getting more intense. Oh yes, he wears such wonderful cologne.

"I see that you have excellent taste in shoes."

Fetish. Or being nice.

"Well, I trust the shop assistant when she described them to me."

"Wise. Cuts down the shopping time I imagine."


"Of course."

From the way he's talking, I'm guessing he's a Business major. Low, soothing tones. Based on my experiences, the Business major guys are the best in the sack. They just make me see fireworks. Joke.

The end of my walking stick hits the leg of a chair and the hold of his hand led me to sit on said chair. The thud of the glass in front of me.

"So, its Mexican. One of everything?"

"Yes. You can share some if you want."

My flirting skills needs some refining. I'm just so used to being blunt with guys because hey, I am one gorgeous of a specimen. Even though I can't see the proof of it myself. But by the chuckle Mr Business Major just gave, I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing fireworks. Not that soon, I'm not easy.

The music over here was a bit louder, a mix of current hits and classics. Bobbing my head to the tune, I eavesdropped on nearby conversations.

"I've been sending in my CV to Wall Street firms."

"He proposed to me last week."

"Have you sent in the assignment for Willis' class?"

Just a bunch of final year students in this mixer party. Pre-networking, that's what the law
major had mentioned earlier. Resting my walking stick against the table, I turned my head to the side, listening for the approaching footsteps of my new companion.

"Hello there."

Curious by the unknown voice, I turned my face towards the source, my lips in a small polite smile.


Deep, dark and confident. I'm pretty sure he has sky blue eyes and dark blond hair that looks
so soft.

"I've noticed that you been staring at me from across the room."

Oh shit. Out of all people in this bleeding party that I was blindly staring at, it had to be the good looking jock with plenty of ego?

How do I deal with this? Where is my food anyway?

Clearing my throat, I put on what I hope is my nice face. My don't-think-I'm-a-bitch face.

"I think there's a mistake."

"No no, no need to be shy. I know I'm attractive-"


"Someone like you can't just resist staring."

"Someone like me?"

Oh ho ho. That is an insult. I know insults when I see one. Joke.

"Well, someone who's not on the higher shelf, like me. But not to worry, I'm not that picky."

Political science.

"Oh how lucky am I."

"Not many appreciate that part of me."

Too dumb to catch the sarcasm. Hmm. What major can this idiot be in?

"Poor you. But there's something you should know about me first."

Smile. Footsteps approaching from behind me, accompanied by the sounds of plates being balanced. Oh, my saviour.

"What is it?"

Tilt of my head.

"I can perfectly see the ugliness of your personality."

"Excuse me, that is-"

"Even though I'm blind as a bat."

The sound of two plates being set on the table, a chair pulled back and shifting as someone sat on it. Oh, there's that heavenly cologne. Widening my smile, I tilted my head up a bit. Just to show the blank look of my eyes.

Silence. Huff. Retreating footsteps of anger. Chuckle.

"I got you extra salsa since they looked very delicious."

"You're a man after my heart."

"For the salsa?"

Even blind, I can see the sparks between us.


Smiling, I felt around for the fork before his hand held onto my wrist, placing the utensil on my palm.

"We should see if you'll like my taste in sushi, chocolate and music."

"Just don't take me to an art exhibit."


Mark said...

That was really good though it looked like a word or two was missing, but that happens to me when I write too. I don't think I've ever read a first person story from the perspective of a blind person either. Really good job I say.

PurpleMist. said...

I like this :D

Karissa said...

Today I was going through your posts and loving every bit of it. But I must say that I did not realize just how much I loved the way you think until I got to this post! This is not because of your story (although I will probably read it later and it will be awesome!) but the fact that you watch and love House MD! It's gratifying to find a fellow House lover and yes, he is sexy: in body, intelligence and sarcasm alike!

Nice to have met you, and I hope I havent freaked you out too much in my enthusiasm!


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