Sunday, May 27, 2012

When One Thing Goes Wrong, Another Follows.

Its my 2nd one week break of this semester. Its only been 2 days in but god, its been so hectic.

First of all, my phone's touchscreen killed itself few days ago, then when I got back home on Friday afternoon, my half of my laptop keyboard decided to join A,Q and Z in their early retirement plan. With no notice.

Of course I got a mini hissy fit where Mama told me to calm my ass down (nicely) and to think logically. So on Saturday, I set off to get some things done.

1. Pick up my new glasses
2. Send in my phone to be repaired
3. Buy a USB keyboard

My glasses look perfect. A nice green but I'm still in love with my old black with white swirly designs one.

Apparently, the touchscreen is not under waranty and it would cost me 100 ringgit ish to get it repaired, and there's no guarantees it would stay functional for eternity as long as I use it. So, I'm now using this old phone, where there's not even Snake on it for me to play. And yes, some of the buttons require patience.

I bought a pretty keyboard which I'm using right now.

Today, is my cousin's wedding. Yesterday, my parents went over to help with things. Malaysian or Malay weddings are soooo family oriented that the whole family comes together and helps out. But then *Dum dum DUM*, my brother got really sick yesterday, with a super high fever.

Which led to us both staying at home (so I can take care of him) where I spent the day cooking, buying those fever patches, taking care of him and frankly, falling sick myself.

I spent 20 minutes sitting on the shower floor, with the water running while I sang Call Me, Maybe. Mokesart said:

"You're either ill or depressed."

I think its a mix of both. No, I'm not depressed from taking care of my brother but from something that happened earlier last week. But then, I think I did pretty well for my Financial Eco test and the lecturer asked me if I could do the questions. Which is always good for me, when the lecturer remembers my name. Most of the time, when the lecturer remembers me and ask me things, I get an A in that subjet.

Yes, I think my mind is moving a bit too fast at the moment due to my activities this weekend. I'll be blogging more with my new keyboard in between trying to squeeze in some studying and assignment doing.

To my cousin, May you have a wonderful loving marriage till the end of your lives.


Mark said...

It does sound like you have a lot going on right now. Sitting in your shower while the water is on isn't really a good sign. Hopefully when things calm down a bit then you'll feel better. All the stuff going on is probably making you less than healthy as well. Congratulations to your cousin though :)

PurpleMist. said...

Oh gosh, hectic indeed :/

You wear glasses? I didn't realise! Or you mean sunglasses?
It takes me ages to find the right glasses for myself. And I always look kinda odd with them, maybe because my face is small -.-

Hope your cousin has a lovely married life :)

And hope you feel better soon!

Hanis. said...

@Mark: At least I didn't cry in the shower. I think I might just need to sleep an early night, then wake up to mug of Hot Milo. Before tackling my work.

@Purple: I knoww. And I had to walk a lot in these peep toes sandals too >.> I wear glasses but I'm so vain, I only wear them in the house or when I'm not going anywhere.

I've been wearing contacts for 3 years now. My face is .. a full oval, I think. Usually the problem is finding something I like. Which is not expensive. Haha.

PurpleMist. said...

LOL omg, I used to do that too, only wear my glasses inside the house :P
Or to see the white board in school from the back of the class!

Ohh yes, contacts are better. And yes finding non-expensive glasses is hard, my dad always tries to convince me to buy frames from the night market, like those rm10 ones :P


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