Thursday, May 17, 2012

Heartbreak: Hanis.

Someone sent me a message through this link here and that led to some emailing back and forth. Which led to me asking for blogging ideas. She suggested:

How does a heartbreak feel like?


It feels similiar yet different every time, like different brands of milk chocolate bars for the chocolate lover.

The last one that was strong enough to physically hurt me reminded me of the one I went through when No 3 dumped me.

I'm not one of those women who's all for women power, listening to "I Will Survive" while talking about how its his loss barely a week after the break and I'm not embarassed about that. I admire girls who can do that though but I don't want to be like that.

I'm very emotional and I cry while screaming soundlessly into my pillow. I tear up while studying/doing chores. I let myself feel every single hurt. Dwell over the thoughts. I listen to "Unbreak My Heart" over and over. Isn't it bad for me? Perhaps. But its a part of me, just like the part that made me write poems and stories inspired by the guy I have intense feelings for.

So how does a heartbreak feels like to me?

Like I'm being broken to pieces before being put back, a bit different than before. Fragile but stronger.

Its like a bitter rebirth.

Writing this was an experience that made me look into myself. Maybe you should try it. How does a heartbreak feels like? If you haven't experienced one, how do you think it would feel like? Do write a post on this. You don't even have to post it. Just tell me.


Leysa JL said...

confession of broken heart~
wanna read? this is mine:

Mark said...

Okay, I probably will tell you. This was a rather profound and thought provoking post as well. So, kudos to you and whoever suggested it. I can understand what you mean about heart breaks. When people come to me with theirs, I am quick to assure them that it's their ex's loss, but I can't do that for myself.

Bubbles *_* said...

A nice explanation of a heartbreak :)

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