Friday, May 4, 2012

Hot, Froyo, Tommo.

This is Wednesday's dinner. I know some of you think McDonald's is yucky. Well, I think pork/beer/Burger King/strawberry milk/white chocolate is yucky so we're even. Chicken Foldover is perhaps the best thing ever to appear on the menu, well, apart from the fries (heaven sent). It was taken off the menu few years ago but it came back on Tuesday for limited time.

I suggest we go make a demonstration in front of the McDonald's place to keep it on the menu, while kicking out Big N' Tasty off.

It is so hot over here. I feel like drowning myself in a bathtub of melting ice cubes. My face is itching because apparently, I've consumed too much cookies over the past week. Some parts of my face are red. *cries*

I've done 30% of the list. Its harder than I thought because I'm trying to avoid:

"Tell that girl she's sooo overvaluing her looks."

"Tell that guy he's a jerkface."

"Tell that other girl that I think her boyfriend must be blind, deaf and so desperate."

Yes, it would be easy to do that but I don't want people to think I'm just full of hate for others.

I borrowed 4 books from the library on Thursday, received some ebooks from a wonderful friend on the same day which leaves me with enough books to not study. Haha. He even offered to email me more, tempting me by listing out titles and series I've never read/heard of which made me panicked.

"OMG, there's SO many books I haven't read yet."

I finally told him to stop it till I'm done with my finals. Which is in end of June till mid July. Which reminds me that I should try to beg persuade my parents to get me an ebook reader for this birthday. Mama told me I should work and buy it myself. Hmmf.

Today I went out with Mama and bought myself some froyo. Which then made me think of:

"You say YOLO, I go FROYO."

Hah. I know.

I don't get the whole YOLO thing. Whenever I say it, I think my facial expression matches Spongebob's whenever he's being extremely annoying. Yesterday, a friend said it to me while telling me to do something which the thought alone makes me cringe and want to hide under my bed.

YOLO my foot. I'll stick to froyo. Chocolate, vanilla and red velvet. Oh such goodness. Much better than some overdecorated muffin which people pay 5 ringgit for. WTF is that? Its sweeeet and well, 2 bites and I'm done with it.

When I was in Nashville, cupcakes were muffins with some creamy icing on it and those sugar balls. Nothing taste as good as those, especially today's "cupcakes" aka muffins in make-up. You guys are alll being fooled to pay more (dramatic).

To end this post, I'm giving you a picture of my lovely husband to be.

See, he agrees. Oh Mr Tomlison <3.


Izzy Hilliard said...

Oh. You see I'm Mrs Tomlinson. Sorry.

PurpleMist. said...

I heard about the foldover being back. I actually never tried it, so maybe I will next time I go to mcd.

Hahaha, I get panicked too when I realise there are so many books out there that I haven't read yet.

The yolo thing is pretty over-used in my opinion :P Specially on tumblr.
Oooh I want froyo! I like the blueberry flavour.

Hanis. said...

@Izzy: You must be the former Mrs Tomlison

Purple: D: You never tried it before? But but, it is the best thing ever.

YOLO is so over-used. I'll stick to One Direction on tumblr. Haha.

I'm not into fruits flavour, they're a bit sour for me.


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