Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mama's 49th.

Dear Mama,

You're 49 this year but you don't look like it. Yes, I'm being sincere. This year, you're celebrating your birthday in style because we're celebrating it at Medina, close to what is one of the most beautiful and opulent mosques I've been in.

You've been a wonderful mother, who likes to splash me with water. You cope with my random baking sessions, merely muttering under your breath when I ask you to buy more butter/chocolate chips.

You have your moments of being funny, like the time you told me that "Finally, my daughter has finished her studies." which definitely became a much-liked Facebook status. You also impressed us when I sang some random, incorrect lines from a Hindi movie and you knew what movie I was talking about, and which scene the song took place.

You're an amazing woman, and on this day, hopefully I'm treating you to a White Chocolate Mocha at the Starbucks in Medina.


Your gorgeous daughter.


Laila N Mysis said...

I hope she reads this (:

Mark said...

My mum doesn't look as old as she is, which lead to a rather amusing moment recently when my niece got her age wrong by about ten years (that's ten years high, not low, she was not as amused as the rest of us). Anyway, a happy birthday to your mum, and I hope you do get to do something nice for her.


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