Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Roast the Cream Stress Away.

While my classmates are studying for the 3 papers next week, I'm at home and puttering around in the kitchen. What can I say, cooking helps me with stress. 

Mama asked me to make dinner. So I marinated some chicken parts with honey, olive oil and black pepper before peeling the potatoes. Quarter them, put in a pot, fill it up with water before bringing them to a boil. As I wait for that, I put the chicken on the grill in the oven after trickling some more olive oil on them.

Half an hour later, I was mashing potatoes and adding butter to it while checking on the chicken. Mom made some coleslaw and we have roast chicken, mashed potatoes and coleslaw for dinner.

I decided to make cookies. And the Mama wanted that no bake cheesecake. I make the batter for cookies, put it in the freezer and took a small nap. At 3pm, I took it out, form into small balls and start baking them in between episodes of Big Bang Theory on my laptop.

While the last batch was cooling down, I started to whip the ingredients for the cheesecake. Lay them out on the table and watch another episode while I construct the cake. About 40 minutes later, I covered it, put it in the fridge and waited 20 hours before taking a taste.

Too good to be shared. But, here's the recipe.

Marie biscuits/ Digestive biscuits- Two flavours or just one.
Thick condensed milk (12 tablespoons)- You can decrease the number if you think its too sweet,but make sure to divide equally for A and B.
Nestle cream ( 1 tin)
Philadelphia cream cheese (250g)
Chocolate chips/ Sprinkles

Beat the cream cheese and half of the condensed milk until it turns smooth and creamy looking. (Mixture A)

Mix the nestle cream and the rest of the condensed milk.(Mixture B)

Double dip a biscuit in B and line it in the caserole dish. Repeat until its all covered up and fill in the gaps with crumbs from the biscuits. Trickle some B onto those crumbs. 

Lightly spread A on top before repeating the step before with another flavour. 

Repeat until you got the thickness you want.

Coat the top with the rest of A, making it as thick as you want.

Sprinkle the chocolate chips/ anything you want on top of it, or leave it plain.

Cover and put it in the fridge for at least 20 hours.

Its perfect for people who don't like that sickly cheesy taste they get from a normal cheesecake. Which is me, cause I like the base part only. And talking about baking, few weeks ago I made roasted pear and chocolate chunk scones. So yummy.

Now, I better start studying.


Laila N Mysis said...

Cheesecake and cookies ♥ I like all cheesecake, and I'm proud to say I've actually tried that recipe - as in, eaten it, not made it ^^

Ghadeer said...

Wow. I wish I did something this productive when I'm stressful.

Mark said...

You certainly are quite the cook it seems. Do try to study though.


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