Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stage Fright.

In 12 hours, I'll be standing in front of a class, with two lecturers as the panel as I and my group presented our final year project. I'll be feeling my heart beating in my mouth, my palms sweaty as I keep reminding myself to take deep breaths.

I'm scared for it. But I'm hoping for the best. The best is just to make some corrections to the report and send in the hardbound copy. The worst is to represent it, which I sincerely, don't have the time to since on Monday, I'll be boarding a plane to Medina.

I finished my exams last Saturday, not feeling the glee my classmates were at finishing our last ever exam. I still had the burden of this presentation on my shoulders. I went home after a dinner with some classmates and slept early. The next day I baked brownies and picked a book from that collection I bought back in December.

Once this is all over, I will finally breathe easily and enjoy my moment. 

That is why I haven't post much ever since finishing my paper. Put that with the emotional rollercoaster ride I'm going through, I simply lost my mood to blog. I might blog more if things go well tomorrow. But I promise, before I go for my trip, I'll write something.


Mark said...

I hope you get good results in the last exam and that the presentation goes well. Just keep your calm and you'll be fine.

Ridx said...

I know that feel. Im very good at making assignments and stuff. But stage fright. Also, anxiety of a new ambience.

I know the feel when theres a debate and stuff and even though your exams are done, you don't feel better coz of that burden.

But im sure you ll be fine. Just do that. And remember even if you screw it, it wont make any difference. I always comfort myself like this.

and also you ll be relaxed when you go to Medina. Just pray and relax. :)

Talitha said...

All the very best girl!
You'll be fine,no worries...just don't work yourself into a panic attack before the presentation.
And think of the freedom after you finish,with a wonderful trip awaiting you!

Laila N Mysis said...

I think, I hope, you'll be okay. I find that you'll freak out almost up til the last moment, but then you get a certain 'acceptance' that this is IT... so you may as well let it rip, if that makes sense. So make the most of that little resignation phase (:

All the best, lovely ^_^

PurpleMist. said...

I know the feeling. In my next semester I'll have to take a compulsory Public Speaking class for a few months. At the end of it we have to do a group presentation, a speech and an individual presentation. Just thinking about it is making me anxious.

GOOD LUKC! Hope the presentation goes well!


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