Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baking My Emotions.

Back in highschool, I went through an emotionally torturous month that involved a little adventure in anorexia. I knew I was in deep shit after I cried myself to sleep one night. The next day, I told Mama I feel like making brownies.

I remember adding chocolate chips into those brownies, creating a gooeyness that leaves people craving for more. I did everything myself from preparing the ingredients to cleaning up. By the time I took my first bite, I felt better. I was recovering from my troubles.

Few months later, I baked a chocolate cake during my first ever heart break.

Over the years, if I ever suddenly felt like baking/cooking its because I'm stressed. Sometimes I do it after finishing my finals. Sometimes, its because I'm emotionally fucked.

Last night, I made cookies. The day before, I made chocolate lava cakes. What does that say about my emotional state?


Mark said...

It says you're going through a pretty rough time, but chocolate can get you through anything.

Fida Bosu said...

unhappy about something? but your pic is making me craving for chocolate now! hehe.. hope you feel much better now, anyway chocolate will make you happy.. I'm your new follower, enjoying your blog very much ;)
Have a sweet happy day!

Launna said...

Hanis... I used to eat when I was sad too... I'm learning to deal with my pain without food... it's only 2 weeks but finally I am not using food or other things... it is very hard though.

I feel your pain, I hope you feel better soon... I know of this pain as I feel it daily too.... :-/


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