Monday, February 27, 2012

My Writings, Stories.

Some of you might know of my other blog. My writing blog. Its called Glimpses and it has some(read: few) short stories that I wrote in my spare time. I share the blog with Mokesart who edits the story before hitting that "Post" button.

Sometimes, I bully him into leaving an editor's note. He knows I'll love him if he does that.

Last week, I found an old short story I wrote. I might have mentioned this, but most of my short stories are usually scenes of a longer story, a novel perhaps. More like, an excerpt of a novel. You might think that I've written that book, but no. I write scenes.

Today, I posted that old story, one playing on emotions. I've always gravitated towards stories of love lost and betrayal. Heartbreak. I think if I ever make a writing career for myself, there's a big chance I'll be that author who writes a collection of bittersweet/heartbreaking stories for women who needs a good cry or self pity.

Mokesart thinks I'll be shitty rich if that ever happens. I seem to agree with him. Haha. So, here's the story, yes, this is a promotion of my blog. Do go read and comment, I'll really appreciate it.



Mark said...

He is right, that would make you filthy rich, as long as it's always the guy who's a jerk.

Hanis. said...

Let's not forget making the other woman a bitch.

Aaishah said...

You, lady, should write a novel. Break it down into pieces if that's what'll keep you going. I'd buy your book when you write one.

Hanis. said...

Boom. I got a buyer before I write a book. Well I got my NaNoWriMo work. Which is at 50K words but not even half done. Maybe I'll complete it this year. Mokesart has his plans with it.


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