Thursday, February 16, 2012

Session Three.

Things you like and dislike about yourself.

Right now, I can't think one thing I like about myself. I'm so full of self loathing that I can list out things that I just fucking hate about myself.

My name is Hanis and I like that everytime I feel like the scum underneath a plumber's boots at my very very worst , I'm able to get back up and be the person who I was before. It might take time but I'll be back to normal.

My name is Hanis and I dislike that there's something wrong in me. I dislike that I've been very sad for some time now and that I didn't even notice it (thank you studies for distracting me). I dislike how I'm not truely confident. I dislike my insecurity. I dislike that deep down, I'll choose to have beauty in exchange of my brains. The last thing I dislike about myself is liking guys that don't like me back.

Favourite place to shop at.

Bookstore of course. Or one of those drugstores that sell hand creams, facial wash, chocolates and so much more. I swear if I'm not spending money buying books or food, I'm buying lip balm or something.

What is your relationship status?

Is there even a relationship? Haha. I'm single. I just think that guys around me don't know a good deal when they see one.

I don't know if I like anyone at the moment. I did, few weeks back. It didn't even had the chance to see if it would work out or not, so meh. I think I might be over that. Yes, there was the process of getting over something that didn't even start. Heck, we didn't even get to put our shoes on, let alone step onto the starting line.

How I’d spend ten thousand bucks.

Let me confirm first, in what currency? Ok, let's just assume its in the highest one ( I don't even bother in checking which one is it). The first thing I'll do is invest 25% of it, put in 5% in my bank before going shopping. Hahaha.

I'll buy an airplane ticket, update my passport, get a freaking visa after making plans to stay with various friends in the US while trying to survive on their good deeds aka board and food.

If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?

22. I don't know why but 22 seems like a nice age. I know, I might be prettier or even much better when I'm 32 but for now, my answer is 22.

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Mark said...

I think 19 is the perfect age. You're still just young enough to be able to be foolish but old enough to be taken seriously. It's pretty much halfway between teenager and young adult.


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