Saturday, February 4, 2012


Due to Mama's idea of us having a family vacation, we'll be going to this waterpark resort place for a one night stay. I'm hoping to not get too tanned and that my fingers will get so wrinkly they'll look like those wrinkly shrivelled up cocktail sausages.

This past week, I've been dragged out of bed following Mama on her morning walk. I don't jog. I walk fast-ish. Why don't I jog? Well, until someone buys me a jogging bra, I'm not going to huff and puff while certain things get pulled down by gravity with every 40 steps or so.

We go to walk at this nearby stadium, every round of the track is around 400 meters and walking on that track at 7am kills me. I usually drag myself for the first round, get a bit warmed up by the 3rd round and by the 5th, I'll be delusional raving to go on until my legs feel like jelly. The average for me, so far is about 3km per walk.

Here's to me not losing interest in this walking lark.

Remember those 8 library books I borrowed? Well, the Jodi Picoult I borrowed is the first one she wrote and the first one that is oh-my-god so boring for me. I only read it till page 50 before telling Mokesart I'm moving on to the next book. Were there any interesting books? Well, no. I finished reading 4. The other 4, I couldn't force myself.

Hanis goes to living room.

"Okay, choose a number between one and six."

Mama: Four

Bro: One

Dad: One

*calculates in mind*

"Thank you."

Mama: What do you need it for?

"I just wanted to know which book I should read first."

So, here I'am with my copy of Lover Unleashed. In few minutes, I'll be back in the world of those vampires. I better go, they're calling me now.

Oh yes, I think I'll be setting some posts up, set up the time and date and voila. You get something to read.

Peace out.


Mark said...

Enjoy the water park then. Swimming would be better exercise than walking I think if you're interested in exercise. I hope the next books are better.

Daniyal Arain said...

Just sitting on couch, reading a book & eating something is a better exercise than jogging. :P

Confessions from the Hairdresser said...

Don't give up on Jodi Picoult, I'm not a fan of hers (hugely) but The Pact is pretty great (I discovered it after a woman I know was asked to adapt it to a screenplay for a local theatre production.)

And congratulations on becoming more active! Even if you don't get hardcore about it and run/jog just walking quickly does absolute wonders, especially for the spirit.

I commend you because I don't even walk a little bit for an purpose other than to get someplace. I hate exercise so much. Instead of walking my chihuahuas I just gather a huge pile of sticks and then sit on my deck and throw one right after the other to get them to run laps while I sit with a cup of coffee.
So again, my absolute commendation!

Hanis. said...

@Mark: I prefer swimming. But the pool is far away and there's an entrance fee. Walking is kinda good for me at the moment.

@Daniyal: Hahaha. I soooooo agree with you. I want potato chips.

Hanis. said...

I love The Pact. Its just that this one is not, you know, trial-based like all of her books I've loved.

Exactly, it really helps with the spirit. I'm bonding with my mother. and when she's walking with her friend, I get my headphones on. It helps me clear my mind without making me mull over things in my head.

Haha. That sounds like the right way to give your dog exercise.


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