Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shopping for School. I'm Becoming a Girl. Damn.

On Monday, I went out with 2 of my friends with the intention of catching a movie, stuffing my face with food before shopping. It went well, until the bill came for our lunch. I came with just enough cash for movie and lunch because I thought to myself, I'll just withdraw money for the shopping part at the mall.

Guess who left her bank card in her old purse at home?

I pouted enough to make my friend offer another shopping trip.

Which was today. I brought my bank card. I told myself:

"Shoes. Cardigan."

(You may skip this shopping part if you want)

I got myself two pairs of shoes and a yellow mustard bag. Mama went:

"God almighty Hanis."

When I showed her the bag. It took me some time to find the bag since I had a specific length and shape of the bag in my head. Thank you ajim for being so patient with me. Yes, Mama will know you're the one who chose that colour.

I also spent the last of my voucher on stationaries. I got a balance of 60 cents after buying notebooks, pens, folders and some other things. How I wish I could have used it to buy myself a book.

But here's some pictures from my lunch on Monday. Its at Italiannies, I'm not sure if you guys have it over there. It was my first time there and I fell in love with it. I want more. I present you to you, pictures taken by my friend.

Look at that happy face. I just had the best mushroom soup ever. You can see the satisfied smile on my face.
This is some .. toasted bread with the most delicious tomato thing on it, ever. If I could live on one thing for 2 days, I'll choose this one.

My pasta which consists of fettuccine in a garlicky tomato sauce with olives, chilies and bits of bacon. It didn't look much but let me tell you, I was leaning back against my seat once I finished it.

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Mark said...

The food does look great. Remember, you're only as much a girl as you want to be.


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