Friday, February 3, 2012

This Song Reminds Me Of: Emotions

This song has two versions, one by the Bee Gees and the other is by Destiny's Child. The latter version reminds me of sad moments while the former one reminds me of Dad's love for the Bee Gees and abba.

Its over and done but the heartache lives on inside. and who is the one you're clinging to, instead of me tonight?

Thinking about it now, this song smacks of love gone wrong where only one half of the relationship is still clinging on. It speaks (to me) of someone pining for an ex, who has clearly moved on. The words tell me of someone who tries to look strong in front of the former lover but breaks down into tears when they're all alone, every single detail replaying in their mind.

How do I even know this? I'm not the Communication arts student *coughs*Mokesart*coughs*. Its purely because like nearly every other person, certain songs act like a time machine.

My tummy hurts right now just by remembering how pitiful I was back then. God, I feel like smacking myself with a dead flounder right on the face. I was young, that's my normal excuse. If someone asked, I'll just shrug and tell them I was at a bad place for that few weeks.

Cry me a river, that leads to your ocean. You'll never see me fall apart, in the words of a broken heart, its just emotions taking me over

I felt that this song was made especially for me. Everytime I was touching the gates of "moving on", I'll get pushed back by something as cruel but simple as a short conversation with him. Once, I was driving and this song came on and before I knew it, I was singing along to it with such feeling that I was crying without realising. It must have been a sight at the red light for the car beside me.

Of course, it took me few months before I could listen to this song without bursting into tears and self pity. But I'm better now, just with a good memory.

Nobody left in this world to kiss me goodnight.

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Mark said...

Well I'm glad you're doing better. There are a lot of songs that have that effect on me.

Too many.


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