Sunday, February 26, 2012

Speech, Where I'm Thanking People.

*taps microphone*

Is this on? *hears static*

*taps again*


Oh, its on?

*clears throat*

*unfolds the piece of paper with my speech on it*

I would like to thank my dear friend Mamon, for letting me bunk in her room and bed for about 3 weeks. Without her gracious acceptance of my bed hogging ways, I would have been stuck studying less efficiently at home. I also appreciate the wonderful food you bought me when I was too freaking lazy to buy my own.

I would like to thank my parents for sending me to campus and picking me up, day in and day out. Without mentioning the gas rate or how much money is used for gas alone that particular week. Thank you also for your belief in me when I tell them I would never ever study productively at home.

*wipe tears*

Thank you to Bella for letting me bunk in her room between classes. For letting me come in at 6.40am while every other normal being is still sleeping.

Mokesart, without your "Go STUDY" everytime I come online for more than a certain amount of time during that critical 3 weeks, I would have stayed on and not study my ass off. I really appreciate your blind belief in me when you said I'm smart.

Thank you to various classmates who dealed with my texts out of nowhere, asking them the formula to some random shit. Thank you also for letting me snap at you because you didn't get what I was explaining. My sincere apologies.

Thank you to my lecturers for marking my papers with one eye closed. How else would I have achieved my results? *insert time for crowd's laughter* But seriously, thank you.

*folds the piece of paper*

Thank you for* clears throat *for the encouragement you gave me. I lost out in the end but I gained something else.

Oh yes, the important part, I got on the dean's list for the 2nd time in a row.

*fist pumps*

*blows kisses*


Mozart said...

*wipes tear* Thank you <3!

Mark said...

I'm glad Mozart was so handy and that your friends and parents were there for you :) and of course congratulations on making the list!


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