Saturday, December 15, 2012

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Made Me Broke.

Today, there were so many books my mind blanked out for 30 minutes as I walk among the stacks of books and tables filled with books.

But, let me start from the beggining. I picked up Eli and using her GPS, we navigated our way to the place, got lost and finally arrived there at 9.18 am. I brought a big bag and pulled it with me to the book fair, getting more excited with every steps.

First of all, I didn't take any pictures there because there were too many people, the books distracted me and I was overwhelmed. But, I'll try to describe to you.

The hall is as long as a football field, and 1/3 as wide. Fiction dominated 1/4 of it. I spend my time around there. The general fiction compromised of at least 22 long tables. Romance had a handful of tables, Sci Fi Fantasy had 3, and Young Adult had about 8-10.

Now, if only they organised those books in alphabetical order, it would have made life so much easier. But people tend to take books and put them back at different places. I blame the visitors for the mess. 

We spent about an hour browsing around, Eli in the poetry and non fiction section. I managed to get 6 books and she had 14 and we put it in the big bag, checked it in the storage area and went to the adjoining mall.

Being us, we got lost in the mall looking for Starbucks. We spent 5 minutes at a directory board, looking for it in the map before I went.

"I think .. its behind us."

Yeap. We then got our drinks and went for some takoyaki. Sat there, eating and drinking before heading back to the place. And then things got serious.

I already gave up on my list of books so I just browsed the whole Fiction section, giving Romance a skip. I spent most of my time in the General Fiction section this time, because I already got my Young Adult fix earlier. 

When there's that many books, you tend to just browse the titles and pick up the interesting looking ones to take another look at. Imagine my suprise when I found a book from my list. I grabbed it and my step got a little happy skip.

About 2-2.5 hours later, I had all of my books and put them in the bag and went with Eli to buy something to eat. We waited in line to pay for our stuffs, a total of 290 ringgit, 170 was just for my books. And then we got home.

I know, I know. You guys want to know what I bought.

This is the bag. I assure you, its not big enough with both of our books in there. Just enough space to throw in a pamphlet. It was hell to pick up and put it in the car.

My books. All 20 of them, minus the two cookbooks for Mama.

20 books in a row. I KNOW. Its like being in a harem filled with cute guys all for Hanis.

Now, the books:

1.Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong

2.Angelology by Danielle Trussoni

3.Daughters of Rome by Kate Quinn

4.Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo

5. The Killer's Cousin by Nancy Werlin

6. The Lost Book of Salem by Katherin Howe

7, 8 and 9. Hit List, Bullet and Blood Noir by Laurell K Hamilton

10. Shade's Children by Garth Nix

11.The Worst Thing I've Done by Ursula Hegi

12 and 13. Mirrorscape and MirrorStorm by Mike Wilks

14 and 15. Under a Blood Red Sky and The Jewel of St Petersburg by Kate Furnivall

16.The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters

17. The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes

18. The Richard Laymon Collection Volume 16: Night in the Lonesome October & No Sanctuary

19.Ashes by Lisa J. Bick

20.Grace by Richard Paul Evans

As you can see from the titles in bold, I managed to get 2 from the book list yesterday. The reason I got 3 books from Laurell K Hamilton is because I've read her Anita Blake books before and I loved it. Kate Furnivall's The Russian Concubine is a great read, which is why I wanted to buy the two books related to it, but it seems I only got the prequel. I had to be satisfied with the other title.

Marian Keyes is perhaps, the only one I like in the chick lit genre. But she doesn't even belong there. Her books often have a dark theme to it. Sarah Waters is one of those authors who I read when I was 14. Her books often have a lesbian theme in it, but apart from that, the plot itself is usually interesting enough.

Now, I'm going to put the books back in the bag and keep it under my bed. I need to concentrate on my finals. BOOHOO.

Before that, here's another view of my books, along with some old books in the background.


Furree Katt said...

Congratulations on all those books! They are gorgeous, OMG.

Adeena said...

Nobody can ever have enough books. You're hilarious btw. "Its like being in a harem filled with cute guys all for Hanis." LOL.

Mark said...

You have yourself quite a lot of books there. And yay Shade's Children :D I'm beginning to think you seriously need a Kindle. Well, I thought that before really but now it's just becoming way more obvious. I'm not sure how long your money would last if you had a book store in your hands at all time though, and could download more books than you could read. You can always check out Project Guttenberg and the public domain though.

Talitha said...

You got Grace...and the books are gorgeous,the harem with cute guys imagery is absolutely fitting!
But like Mark said,a Kindle would be the sensible way to go...however hard I cry about the 'feel' never being the same,it's the truth...but for now go,go attend to the birds in hand!!

Laila N Mysis said...


... I...I... wha...




20 BOOKS IN ONE GO?!?!!?!

*goes into a corner and cries*

Hanis. said...

@Furree: I knowwww. And now I'm sad because there's so many books there that I didn't buy.

@Adeena: Exactly, I told my mom that when she says I have wayyy to many books. And thank you, I should write more about books and that harem.

@Mark: I doooo. I already have tons of ebooks in my laptop, but that doesn't help much. I plan to get one next year. If the sale is all year long, I can imagine half of my money being spent on books.

@Talitha: I found it by accident! I saw this beautiful looking book, picked it up and went:a


@Laila: *pets* Come to Malaysia next December, and you can get 50 books if you want.

Voice Of Reason said...

OHMYGOD. It totally seemed like being in a harem filled with cute boys! I agree about the whole thing being a mess at book fairs. I went to the Karachi International Book Fair for the first time this year and people were throwing books atop each other as if they were trash. </3 I spent ten minutes of my time on this stall just putting them back properly. :P

Voice Of Reason said...




Hanis. said...

@Voice: Haha. I felt like taking them all. Well,a copy per title. I wish I could have bought 40 or so. I'll save up for the sale next year. :D

I knowww, I saw this lady doing that. Like, fine, you don't want that, but put it nicely, instead of covering the books under it.

Hahaha. Thank you for thinking my blog is awesome <3

Kashaf A. said...

I want to eat these books. :3

fatima said...

omg omg.. beautyyyyy post


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