Friday, December 7, 2012

Book Titles Needed.

This is a cause of celebration. I waited for this number before posting this post.

Today, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale starts. But since the gods are so cruel, I'll be going next Saturday, armed with moolah I've saved up from Eid Fitri. I know, that's a long time for me not to touch that stash of money. All in all, my maximum budget is 220 ringgit.

Now, that is a lot, considering most of the paperback fiction is going at 8 ringgit per copy where the usual market price is about 32 -35 ringgit.


And yes, be jealous you non Malaysians. But no fear, I am here to recruit your help. Since I'm planning to use about 160 ringgit for fiction and buy one cookbook by either Anna Olson or Nigella Law, I have no idea what books to buy.

Yes, just browse and choose 20 Hanis. Do you know how hard that will bed? It takes me 2 hours to do that with 5 books. I can't stay there for 4 hours (Yes you can Hanis). Soooo

Please suggest any books to look into.

Not the Hunger Games trilogy cause I'm already at the third book, so nah. Furree, tell me which Stephen King's books that doesn't have a bajillion characters I should look into. Mark, do tell me some titles. Everyone, give me some titles. No chick lits though please.

*looks at pictures of the warehouse*

OMG, I'm gonna get the Cassandra Claire books. You know, the City of Bones thingie. I read the first book ages ago. So, that's few books down.

I have complete trust in you guys to suggest wonderful books to me.


Mark said...

Stephen King books without a bajillion characters? Carrie, Pet Semetary, Misery...okay so those are the only ones I know unless you buy one of his short story collections. Or the Dark Tower series. As for other books I would suggest well I'm not sure what you like but the ones I would suggest are the Artemis Fowl books, anything by Garth Nix (especially the Old Kingdom series Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen), the Power of Five series which starts with Raven's Gate and the Keys To The Kingdom series which starts with Mister Monday and dammit I need these books myself too. I forgot how many books I loved.

Oh and the Magicians Guild trilogy by Trudi Canavan.

cricketfreak said...

What is the big bad wolf sale? I haven't heard of it

Talitha said...

Ooh book recommendations huh...there are so many!!
One book I'd suggest would be Grace by Richard Paul Evans.
And any John Grisham cuz I'm currently nuts about court drama.
And Emotionally Weird by Kate Atkinson... because it's just so stoned.
I could go on forever...
Tip for the sale: Check out the book reviews on the covers,they're really useful.

Furree Katt said...

Why don't I ever get to witness cool stuff like that happening on my blog? I'd be damned if I know how many page views I have. Haha. Congratulations!

After that discussion we had on Stephen King's novels, I don't think you would particularly enjoy the ones that Mark suggested, regardless of the fact that they have comparatively less characters than the other ones. This is because they are gruesome and gory/ You should look out for his King's short story collections. I personally recommend Skeleton Crew, Hearts In Atlantis and Just After Sunset. For full novels, you will probably like Cell, Lisey's Story and Duma Key.

Try reading Silence by Thomas Perry. If you're into slightly cheesy but still creative suspense thrillers, try anything written by Karen Rose and Simon Kernick. If you're willing to be creeped out, Intensity by Dean Koontz is a good book. Scary and interesting. Koontz writes psychological thrillers, if that's your cup of tea.

ALSO ALSO ALSO, if you don't mind stories revolving around law and order, John Grisham and Jeffrey Archer will definitely interest you. Archer is brilliant.

For supernatural you can try anything by Ann Rice. Though if you pick up her Vampire Chronicles, there are many books in the series which have to be read in chronological order, so be careful!

Ghadeer said...

The Perks of being a Wall-flower...

Hanis. said...

I'm seeing two things here. Series and books I've read. Hahahaha.
@Ghadeer: I already read Perks, best book ever.

@Mark: I think I've read a book or two of his short stories. And I already have the Magician Guild's books. But, I'll look into the King's books. I think that I'll be reading all the synopsis at the back so I can figure out which one I like.

@Talitha: Noted. I'm seeing myself being there for hours. So, I'll be reading all those back covers. But I find Grisham really dry. >.>

@Furree: Annnne Riceeee. I've seen some of her books. I don't remember if I've read them. But I've read plenty of Archer. His The Prodigal Daughter is amazing. Dean Kootz, I'll look into that.

Laila N Mysis said...

Oh, have you read Markus Zusak? The Book Thief and The Messenger are amazing. No, they're Amazing.

Umm....Finnikin of the Rock, by Melina Marchetta? Eh.... I don't know. I guess everyone has suggested enough awesome reads =^_^=

M said...

Hey for Stephen kings' limited characters novel, try: Gerald's game.

Also, Grisham's really-not-that-dry The Brethren. I found it exceptionally good!

Have you tried Bones? by Kathy Reichs. (yes, it followed the famous series with same name)They're really good.

I feel its pretty obvious - but are you done with good ones from dan brown?


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