Monday, December 3, 2012

Letter to E.

This might just be a bit too angsty for your taste. Scroll down/ close the tab/ hit the back button. Or click on the link, read and comment.

This letter is actually so overdue but it never felt right to write it until tonight.

Dear E,

Its been more than a month since I sent you that email and unsurprisingly  no replies. I take that as you not finding it significant enough for you to even reply with a short "Ok." or you haven't checked your email for that long. Whatever.

I have one tiny hope. That you'll realise one day, if you haven't yet, what moment pushed me over the edge and made me send you that oh so emotional email and delete you from everything. And I hope that will make a small part of your corrupted heart to break slightly because you'll also realise how devoted I was to you.

Oh, I'm not all hung up on you. I felt this amazing relief that day, before I cried myself to sleep. But, since then I've been moving on, letting myself get busy and fall sick from stress. With regular checking of
my email of course. Just to see if you've become somewhat decent and send me a reply.

Oh god, I feel an extra emotional moment paragraph coming.

You're an idiot. An asshole who used me with no shame. A jerk who had no qualms in stringing me along for months. And you knew how much I was into you. I planned to visit Houston as my first trip. Hou-fucking-ston. What is there, some asked me. NASA, was my silly excuse. Don't worry, I'll visit Houston one day and I'll do all I can to bump into you in that big big city. And when I do see you, I sure hope it will be near a lake/swimming pool cause I'm going to push you into it. 

I wish you all the happiness you once said would be ours. I wish you all the sadness you made me feel. I wish you all the heartbroken moments I had in my bed because of you. I wish you the feeling of betrayal you inflicted on me. And above all, I wish you a love that will make you as stupid as I was with you.



P/S: You better learn how to swim because I'll make sure I'll push you into the deep end.


Talitha said...

Yeah Hanis go give it to him!!
*Cheer Cheer*
Or maybe he(I'm assuming it's a guy.or maybe I'm totally mistaken about what you're talking about.anyway) didn't check his mail after all.
Keep up the hope!

Furree Katt said...

YEAH! Go Hanis! Show him!
It's good to let your anger and frustration out. I'm sure you feel a whole lot better after writing this.
I'll be cheering you on when you push him in that lake. Just make sure you take a video, haha.


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