Monday, December 24, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding.

Yesterday, I spent 8 hours in the car with the parents. Where to? Mamon's wedding. Mamon is her pet name, but her real name is Shima and we've been friends since July 2007 in our very first class during our diploma days. We were official roommates for only 1/2 a year but I crashed her room which was always a mere few doors away so often that I knew her roommates better than my own.

We gossiped, ranted, bitched and became close friends. She slept over at my house few times and I met her mother once, and had dinner at her aunt's house once. As we became friends, she and Paan aka the guy she married got together a month into our diploma, 7th August 2007. Those two are classmates with me so I was used to them, used to barging in their dinner time together, and used to them.

When I had to add in one semester, we got separated by a semester but we still remained good friends. Random text messaging, excited bump ins at the faculty:




Yes, we did that every time we meet. She even let me bunked in her room for about 3 weeks a year ago in preparation for the finals. She once made this yummy chocolate ganache pie and I commented that I want one too. Guess who got a yummy pie two weeks later?

So you see why we drove 4 hours to go to her wedding and Mama have always liked her more than me because every time she comes over, Mama will cook her favourite dishes. Haha. So we arrived there at 12.15pm and met her father first.

"Ohh, you're Hanis!"

I'm famous yo. Her brother who is also my junior led me to her room and the shrieking started. She looked really really really pretty.  Mama got excited too and commented that she finally grown up. It was the heels. I took some pictures and the theme colour is pink for her and her stuffs, and her family members were in light creamy green.

Her cake. Her cousin made it and it was soooo pretty. Can I have one in blue and pink?

Hanis, Mamon and Mama. Look at her outfit. Its not a traditional Malay wedding outfit but more of a dress. Over here, most wedding dresses are tailor made which means you can choose any colour and design. You just need to find the fabric you want a great tailor.

This is where she sits, while waiting for the groom to arrive.

One of the many door gifts we (Our family) received. Cookies in a jar with the names printed out at the label. We also received more cookies, sweets and slices of cakes. 

All in all, it made me really happy for her. They've been together for more than 5 years, through some ups and downs and always pulled through together. May the two of you last forever and name one of your kids Hanis. 


Laila N Mysis said...

She looks like a doll. I hope she has many happy days to come (:

Talitha said...

Ooh ain't she lovely?!
I'm not really a pink fan but you've managed to change my mind...a leetle bit!
Blessings to them!

Furree Katt said...

Oh wow! A massive congratulations to her! She looks sooo pretty. ♥
It's so cute that her marriage was a love marriage and not an arranged one.
And I hope that she names her kid Hanis too, that would be awesome!

Mark said...

She is looking lovely, you all are. I wish them many happy years together, which shouldn't be too hard if they've been together five years already.

Voice Of Reason said...

She's so beautiful. It's one of the most amazing things to attend your best friend's wedding. All the best to her for her life ahead! :)

PurpleMist. said...

Omg, the cake is so pretty!
And the bride looks gorgeous :D


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