Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pink and Blue Dinner Night.

Every semester, every faculty in my uni would hold a dinner for final semester students. This semester, my faculty decided to make our dinner a themed one. 

Glam Night: Pink and Blue

I skipped the one held during my diploma days, opting to stay in with a dinner of fried mushroom rice, iced coffee and the Transformer series. But this time around, I was super excited enough that I was the third person to register for it and I dragged my parents to go shopping. I really wanted to fit the theme so I knew I'll be wearing either a blue abaya + pink hijab or vice versa. 10 minutes in, I came across the most beautiful piece of art and the trip was done in mere minutes.

So, the dinner was last night at this hotel, in an intimate ballroom. There were pink and blue balloons and we were late. Oh god, I had on an anklet that's full of bells and the sound I made was similar to one of those Arabian nights belly dancing girl. So after the whole speech blah blah part, came my favourite. The eating part.

Yes. Ignore those three people, I don't know them. But let me tell you, 3 out of 8 of us were taking pictures of our dinner. Pineapple fried rice, lemon chicken (so yummylicious), sweet and sour fish, vegetables, prawns in chili paste and squid stir fried with cashews and dried chilies.  I ate some rice and had two pieces of the chicken. We drank this yummy orange drink and if you can see those tiny glasses, that's out door gifts. Pink candles in glasses, wrapped in blue.

While we ate, there was the lucky draw, performances and the awards for best students etc. No, they didn't recognise how awesome I am for building myself up from one of the worst to one of the a bit above average students. Oh well. Once the dinner ended at 10.10pm, we did what we came there for. To take pictures.

Imagine this. 10 girls in our class, about 5 cameras and two iPhones. I'm pretty sure there's plenty of pictures but on my end, there's about 70 of them that I posted on Facebook. Here, are some of the best.

I was stepping off the stage after taking pictures there with the girls when my classmate told me to stop and pose for the camera. I should have done a Paris Hilton aka, hand on the waist, one foot in front. But what came out was pretty nice. As you can see, the baby blue and pink combination works quite well on me. The blue handbag is from Mama's old collection, she used back in the 90's. And I adore it.

I've decided to put myself in the middle because that seems to make me look a bit smaller. We took pictures of this using all 5 cameras, by the end my cheeks hurt from smiling.

Us blues looking silly. See my attempt at a duck face. I'm pretty relieved I don't have the talent to do a great one. 

Another silly picture, with a classmate who came in pink. Before this shot she was taking someone's picture and decided to barge into our attempt at Gangnam Style. 

One of my absent classmates was awarded with the Best Student in Degree of Actuarial Science. We held on to it and looksie looksie who decided to pose with it. My words before making someone take the picture:

I can use to lie to my relatives about being the best student. They won't know a thing. 

But notice my small small can't even see eyes. Trust me, I don't have those East Asian eyes. Its my big cheeks and my big smile.

One final shot. Grand staircase that I nearly tripped over, twice. I'm in the middle, again my look a bit smaller trick. Don't I look pretty?

It was a fun night and for the first time, I really enjoyed getting my picture taken. This would be something to be stored for the future and a tale to be told on how I rocked the pink and blue look. It seems that if I ever get married, I'll use that colour combination.


Furree Katt said...

I said it in the previous post, i'll say it again: you look gorgeous! and i love your outfit.

you looked the best out of everyone there. your smile is AMAZING.

THE FOOD LOOKS SO GOOD. YUM. I want some. and the candles are just too adorable, what a nice idea!

yay that you had a fun time, i'm glad. i love posts of yours that are filled with pictures!

big hug to yoooou.

Mark said...

The food does sound pretty amazing. I'm glad you had yourself such a fun time too :D It's great you felt good in front of a camera too. I guess you must have really liked your outfit. It's one of the secrets to feeling good in front of a camera.

Juli said...

I second that. You totally rock the blue and pink. :)

Laila N Mysis said...

You did it again! I just finished breakfast, and voila, somehow I'm starving again -_-'

And your lucky to feel confident in front of the camera - I hope I have one of those days too (:

Glad you had fun!

Talitha said...

I totally second what LnM said!
The pink and blue combo looks super good!

Jayden said...

Nice pictures xD
The food looked great, glad you had a nice time. I ROFL-ed at Gangnam Style xDD


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