Monday, April 4, 2011

Complaining and Being Thankful.

Being a university student for the past 45 months, I have had a handful of complaints and one I usually have/hear around April and October aka the couple of weeks before finals:

Tests everyday. Every lecturer thinking their subject is the only one we're taking. Assignments, projects, paperworks, presentations. How the hell are we supposed to study for the finals?

My first paper is on the 20th of this month, to be followed on the 21st, 27th, 28th and 30th. Yes, 16 days from my first paper, don't remind me. I'm having nightmares from it without any reminders.

How does my schedule look like for the upcoming 16 days?

Full. And that's not including studying for the papers.

I have a test in Economics tommorow on the macroeconomic section. And a group presentation for the same subject the day after.

This morning I had my Writing test for Arabics(don't bloody ask) and was whining inwardly to that voice in my head how in the world am I supposed to study for the test, write the report and prepare the slideshows(my part of the presentation) when there's Actuarial Math at 10.30 and Financial Math at 4. That's when.

*hear the dung-dung-dung-what's next? music playing*

At 10, I received a text on how the former is cancelled. And no, I haven't spent the last few hours napping. I've been studying 3 out of the 5 chapters for Economics.

And just 20 mins ago, Sue Slyvester told me "Your resentment, is deliciouss" (a text came in) and I must say, I was looking to the heavens(ceiling of the study room) and felt so grateful because it was another cancelled class.

But, I have to write one page on something. Wait, Malaysia's Market Structure(I think) and submit it on Wednesday.

Coming to the point of this post:

Sometimes, I feel like the lecturers are kind and compassionate and all-knowing for cancelling classes when the students have things due.

*goes back to searching information*

Peace Out.

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