Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lessons from a Study Room.

Being so close to the equator, Malaysia is blessed with sun, sun and sun all year long. Hot and wet, as my Geography book had described the country's climate. Here, at the hostel, we have two study rooms, a Snooker room, 3 TV rooms and a computer lab. All of these except the TV rooms are equipped with air conditioning.

I'm a frequent user of one of the study rooms, appreciating the cold and discussions with my classmates as we kill ourselves study our asses off for the finals. Is the study room quiet? No. Its used for discussion and studying. If one wants quiet, they're more likely to find it in their own room. For the past two nights, I've been cursing some of the other ... people in the study room who I might call as ... idiotic.

1. Its a STUDY room.

Use it to study, do a discussion, finish a project. Not fucking watch a movie on your laptop while the 4 of you munch on snacks, fully appreciating the sounds coming from the plugged in small speakers. The same goes for the two girls who decided to watch some Youtube clips, minus headphones. Like, girls, I'm sure the TV room will so appreciate your visual entertainment but some people here, don't.

I do pity that you guys didn't hear my "This is a fucking study room not tv room," and "Am I in the wrong room?" remarks that were made with such a dark air, the Grim Reaper would have fled from me. Tonight, if it happens again, I'll just go to your desk calmly and smile sweetly before asking if you girls have totally confused minds because last time I checked, the TV room is on the lower floor.

2. If you can't stand the cold, go back to your room.

I can tolerate, one of the air conditioners being switched off but both? Without asking the others you flounce your skinny ass off your chair, all wrapped in a sweater and socks before hitting that off button? I get pissed like a she-bear having her honey taken away. And to be idiotic enough to not turn on the ceiling fans? Are you trying to fucking kill me with no air circulation?

You must be pretty deaf for not to hear my comments on how I feel hard to breathe. Tonight, whichever fat-deprived bitch switches off the air conditioners will get a nice "Go fucking study somewhere else," from me. The room is not even quiet for you to give the "Its peaceful here," excuse.

3. That table does not belong to your father. So, stop fucking make it unavailable to others.

There's 5 large tables that sits 4 comfortably each. I've been known to share a table with 5 friends because some idiots believe in studying there, leaving for lunch, books all spread out before coming back in after lunch, siesta, tea time. Let's not even start on how you never take your books off the table as you go to bed and dissapear for hours.The number of people who peeked in to see if there's any empty spots? Countless.

Your face when you come back to see me sitting there with your stuffs pushed to one corner of the table? Priceless.

Putting that aside, I've sat for 4 papers and got my last one on Saturday. A picnic on a beach on Sunday with the classmates will wrap this semester up nicely, don't you think?

Peace Out.

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