Friday, April 8, 2011

A Morning of Destressing.

Like a domesticated goddess, I tend to bake when I'm stressed. Back in highschool, I often made brownies. Wonderful gooey chocolatey goodness.

Then, when I moved into the hostel for uni, I baked once a semester, usually when its near the finals. And true to that, today, I tried my hand at two things I never did before.


. Sausage rolls.

Yes, its nothing compared to anything with CHOCOLATE but I love love love bagels (in fact, any plain tasting baked goods) and here in Malaysia, its very very very hard to find them. So when I came across a recipe, I told myself, I'll bake it.

It took me about two hours to:

-Defrost the pastry for the sausage rolls (Not really baking, but still)

-Make the dough for the bagles

-Grill some burgers for the brother's lunch

-Make gravy for leftovers mash potatoes

-Roll the pastry in an ugly fashion around the sausages

-Pop them into the oven

-Form the bagles into an ugly shape, only one came out nicely. I got one in a pretzel form.

-Boil those

-Pop those into the oven

-Clean up the mess

-Get a compliment from the brother on the sausage rolls with him asking me if I can make it for his school's Carnival Day.

-Asked by the brother why are the bagles so plain tasting.

Whew. I think after the finals, I'll be baking something chocolate. Or make the fake cheesecake. Its wonderfulllly goood.

Now, time to clean up more mess.

Coming up, a story that Mozart thinks is too morbid.

Peace Out.

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Experiment House said...

I said "too morbid for me" xD


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