Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Looking Forward to The Finals! No, I Lied.

Everytime doomsday finals approach, I'll make a list of things to look forward to. To give me motivation through the torture studying and stressing and screaming into my pillow on why didn't I fucking studied it all earlier. Same thing, again and again.

I'm talking about the list, not the screaming-into-a-pillow part. That part has been happening ever since highschool when I realised my smartness has a limit with a big fat ass sign that says:

"You need to sit your ass down and fucking study. You ain't got a photographic memory bitch,"

So I bet all of you most of you some of you are curious.

The List of Things to Do Once Its Over.

1. Download all the ebooks from that wonderful blog and fucking read them. Savour them.

2. Drag the little brother to the nearest theme park and go fucking bungee jumping there after taking all the thrill rides.

3. Stalk that one guy

3.Watch Pirates of the Carribean! Johnny Depp I <3 you!

4. Write more stories.

5.Burn all the notes from this semester

5. Sleep more.

6. Rub it in little brother's nose that I got 4 months off.

7. Look for a job at a wonderful place. Read: Bookstore, ice-cream store, video store. Anywhere but fast-food.

There, time to do some Financial Math past years papers.

Peace Out.

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