Friday, April 8, 2011

The Grim Reaper.

She was sitting on a stone bench facing an old church, leaves falling slowly all around her as she waited. What was another ten minutes after ten years? Her posture was straight, and she sat still as her eyes kept on gazing at the double doors, closed tightly to any latecomers.

The sounds of soft footsteps approached her before stopping right beside her, waiting for any acknowledgement. Slowly sliding her gaze to the newcomer, she saw a face she hadn't seen in ten years. It was still as wickedly good looking as she remembered. Grim dark eyes that sparkled when the lips formed a smile.

"Your hair has grown longer,"

Rolling his eyes he took a seat beside her, brushing his palm over the top of his head to the braid that ran past his shoulder. The dark length shined in the sun even though they sat under shade. He was dressed simply in a black turtleneck and black pants, complete with shiny black shoes. Against his pale complexion he was impressive looking.

"Your patience has grown,"

Scoffing softly she ran a hand down the length of her cream coloured lace dress, noticing how her fingers trembled. Clasping her hands together she dragged her eyes away from the double doors to look at him.

"I realise how ... lucky I'am compare to others,"

"I sense a 'but',"

"Isn't it unfair?"

Frowning, brows furrowed, the man resisted hugging her, touched by the emotions on her face. Taking out a pocketwatch from an inner pocket, he cleared his face of emotions before giving a small smile.

"For the others? Or for them?"


From behind the double doors across the street, a commotion could be heard. Turning sharply to look at the source of sound, she felt glued to her seat. Scared. Worried. Wishing she had the power to change the way things were going. Beside her, he stood up, resting a comforting hand on her shoulder, squeezing softly.

"Trust me, it might seem unfair now, but it won't be in the end,"

Smoothing his hand over her cheek, he offered his hand to her, a wise look on his face as the commotion got louder, closer.

"Come. He's been waiting."

Taking the hand, she stood up on unsteady knees, hands cold as she stared at the doors, thrown wide open suddenly to let out a figure dressed in a black tuxedo, vivid blood red hair setting off the severity of the outfit. Unable to move or take another breath, she stared as the man ran down the steps, not looking back as more figures appeared at the church's entrance.

"Come back!"

A beautiful woman cried out, wondrous in a long white dress that hugged her svelte figure, a bouquet of lillies falling from her hand as she ran after her intended. At the bottom of the steps, the redhead turned, regret and sadness radiating from his very person.

"I'm sorry ... but I just can't."

Feeling her companion's hand slipping from hers, the female observor turned to look into grim dark eyes that were telling her its time. Taking in a shaky breath, she took a step closer, out of the shade as the man across the street turned back, sadness etched on every line of his face. As she watched the man cross the street without looking, she felt a familiar dark feeling coming.


Closing her eyes just in time, she missed how the fast paced car rammed into the tuxedo fitted body, throwing him into the air before falling back onto the road, bleeding and not moving. The blood mixed with his hair as a crowd ran out of the church in horror.

Sobs. Cries. Screams filled the air as she opened her eyes again, staring at the still body, slowly getting colder. Around it was a smartly dressed crowd. His family. Another family. Some familiar faces. Her friend walked past all of them and kneeled beside the body, touching his hand upon the blood covered forehead, closing his eyes as he whispered something.

And just seen by her and her friend, the redhead male stood up with dazed eyes, looking down at the body at his feet before looking around at the frantic crowd. Reaching out a hand to touch his mother' shoulder, he found it impossible to do so. As her friend told him words, the exact ones he told her ten years ago, she saw understanding coming to his face, the green eyes serious as he gave a nod.

"I'm dead it seems,"

The two of them were still standing in the middle, unseen by the others as they had a quiet conversation, only heard by her ears as she remained standing on the sidewalk, still scared to bring attention to herself.

"You're the .. Grim Reaper?"

"I ditched the whole robe, scary aura thing aeons ago. Had to stop the recently dead from screaming their throats out at seeing me,"

"Where do we go from here? Heaven, hell, or somewhere in between?"

Chuckling, the Grim Reaper shook his head, the braid sliding over his shoulder as he pushed the redhead through the crowd by his elbow, the sign for her to be prepared. To not run in fear. To make sure her heart is where it is, not in her mouth where she's unable to speak. Taking another step forward, she heard the Reaper's wise voice.

"More like to someone who's been waiting the past decade,"

The question died on the redhead's lips when he saw her there. In her cream coloured lace dress that fell to her knees, long dark hair down, brown eyes nervous as she smiled shakily at him. She took another step, her tongue wetting her lips as she tried to recall the words she has planned during her wait. Ten years of preparing a speech. All gone out of the window.

In the end, not a single word were needed as he ran to her, sweeping her into his arms, face buried in her hair as he took in the scent he's been dreaming off all this time. Ever since he had to let her go. To move on as she died in his arms in a hospital room ten years ago.

"God, I've missed you so much,"

Over his shoulder, the Grim Reaper gave a wave to her before walking away, an impressive figure in black. Tightening her hold, she pressed a kiss to the base of his neck. Passing on every emotions that went through her from the start. They were finally together again. And this time, they have forever together.


Lioness Without A Pride said...

I started to read this, but then it's like my heart went "Stop. Don't do this to yourself right now" half way. I will read this when I'm capable of doing so.

Hanis. said...

D: Why is your heart saying that?

Lioness Without A Pride said...

My heart says a LOT of things. God only konws why. :(


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