Thursday, April 21, 2011

Try to Feel.

I'm sure most of you have went through several stages in life. It comes with age and experience. And everytime you'll get to a certain point where you get this feeling, this sudden thought that you've moved on to that next stage. Sometimes its a relief. But, most of the time, you might get sad.

Case in point, when you realised your childhood is behind you. That you have to move on, leaving behind that part of your life as something you'll never get back. Once in a while, you'll flip through the photo album and feel emotions pouring out at the memories. You'll giggle at some funny moment before ending up crying, tears falling onto the photo album's cover as you realise that you've said goodbye to all of those.

But you know that without that part of your life, you won't be who you are right now. And you're not the same person now as back then. You'll keep the photo album away in a box under your bed before cracking open a new album, ready for the first picture.

I hope I've put that feeling into you, painted it clear enough so you can close your eyes and feel the pain that hides behind your heart. And you'll hear that inner whisper of encouragement. To stay strong. And not grieve the passing because its all for the best.


That's how I feel right now. I'm finally making a decision to just move on.

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