Sunday, April 3, 2011

Say it 40 Times, Wish Granted.

Back in highschool, I heard the saying if people said something 40 times, it will come true. I was like pffffft at that. Now I'm still waiting for it to come true.

Mozart calls me hopeless. If he's allowed to be more ... straightforward and brutally honest, I bet he'll slap me and tell me to quit wanting something I'll never get.

Simply read :Get over it. Build a slide, slide over the damn longing.

I've tried. A gazillion times since the start. Did it worked? What do you think? Yeap, epic fail. In someways, I've managed to beat it into a lazy slumber, once in a while waking up and walking around.

Of course, I've expressed interest in others from time to time. That dies down if I didn't compare the person of the moment with the person of my life.

If we were in a novel, this would have been a wonderful love story about waiting and believing that one person will be yours. Yet, this is life. All I'm coming out as is hopeless or pathetic.

Oh well. Here's to waiting and hoping. *toast a glass of chocolate mint bubble tea*


Furree Katt said...

i sincerely hope your wish comes true. and if it doesn't, i hope things work out for the better anyway.

Experiment House said...

I didn't mean you were that hopeless!!!


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