Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fact, Story, Important, Facts, Conclusion, More Facts and Conclusion.


I have a thing for Caucasian guys. Its not simply white/fair skinned guys because there are other fair skinned ethnics. This is known by most of my friends. And no, it doesn't mean I'm racist in someways. Just that I get gaga easier over Caucasian guys.


Last night, I went to study at a nearby 24-hour McDonald's near the uni wih 3 of my friends. Yes, it is possible unless you're someone who has to be in complete silence during study time. We were there for about 5 hours, sitting at a long table with the 2nd floor around us slowly getting quiet as more and more people left the place. The ground floor however, is another story with there being a football match on tv at 3am (MU vs somethingsomething)

Around 1am, I was sleepy eyed, looking around at my friends' cups of coffee with a shudder as I remembered how they tasted. I had my trusty 1.5 litre bottle of mineral water and a slowly melting large Coke which taste like dishwater.

Around 2am, I got fresh energy for no reason and got back into my studying.

Around 2.30 am, my once wide awake friends got sleepy and we decided that enough was enough. We need bed.

Important bit:

Going downstairs, I was casually looking at the menu above the counters, wondering if I should buy something when one of my friend called me so I turned to the left:

"Yes, darling?"

At once, I saw my friends cheeky faces and that oh-my-god-so-tasty guy. Yes, it was a tall, dark blonde, grey-blue eyed with glasses and oh so good looking Caucasian guy. He was staring at the menu before stepping up to make an order at the cashier. Behind him, with only my friends as an audience,thankfully with most of the patrons staring at the football match on telly, I was mouthing the words:

Oh my god. Sooo handsome.

Before promptly skipping off to line up behind him, my mind up to order a chocolate milkshake.

Fact: I don't like milk.

Fact 2: That was the first time I ever tried a milkshake.

Fact 3: I should have ordered an apple pie.

Fact 4: I love those apple pies.

Conclusion of the story:

I'm utterly hopeless at the sight of a somewhat attractive Caucasian guy. I get teased about the incident.

Fact 5: This is Malaysia, we don't have that much Caucasian guys walking around in all of their hotness.

Fact 6: Mozart will be "This is so Hanis" when he reads this.

Conclusion of this post:

I need to move somewhere with tons of Caucasian guys. Anyone want to offer me a place to live? I'm gooood with cleaning up and baking/cooking some items. *winksandnudges Delaney*

Peace Out.


Furree Katt said...

haha, CUTE!
there are no Caucasian guys in Pakistan. i am deprived of the views i deserve. :(

ishashime said...

i usually act the same way, except i'm normally attracted to an equal number of caucasians and asians (usually the ones with fairer skin and slanted eyes) eeps. xD

Hanis. said...

@Furree, awww, let's go travel somewhere together :D

@ishashime, We got plenty of the latter over here! Like, all over the placeeeee.


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