Monday, April 11, 2011

If I Go Missing, Don't Panic. Finals Are Near.

If you smell the air around here, you'll be aware of how it truly smells like doom. Or more known to others as finals.

At my uni, finals are spanned out over 3 weeks after a so-called study week.

Study week = False impression of having a week off to study.

In reality, it depends on when your first paper is. This semester, is truly bad luck for me. I have 5 papers and the first one is on the 20th of this month.

*hears Hades calling her to his lair*
If one is to be lucky, there will be a respectful minimum 2 days gap between each papers, right? My 2nd paper is on the 21st.

*feels chains wrapping around her ankles*

I'm doomed dear readers. No amount of godchildren will help me. But thank god there will be 6 days between the 2nd and 3rd paper.




*sighs bravely*

And I once had missed the craziness and tension that comes with finals. I've craved the studying. The panicking. The mental pep-talk to not lose it because Mama will totally kill me if I do badly, again.

If this week is to be free, then it will be a blessing because I'll be able to prepare myself. Is it? No. I got a bleeding presentation and 4 tests (1 is over with, 1 is a take-home test, 1 is a pre-test and the last 1 is the test to the pre-test)

Blantant advertising: I got a Tumblr. Visit it. Godchild as a free gift.

Mozart, you'll have to go through two weeks without me or cope with brief, panicky talks with me. Better prepare your pep-talk. Things to include:

"Hanis, you won't fail,"

"Your parents won't kill you,"

"I know you're smart so go get your ass to some studying,"

"You can do it,"

If you do that, I'll marry you if both of us are still single when I'm 26.

Yes, I just proposed.

I'm off to finish my presentation. Do leave me comments, alright?

Peace Out.


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