Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don't Be a Mike.

One of my weakness is that when I have a friend and genuinely like them, I get easily emotional. As we all know, I hate being ignored. I hate being put on the 2nd place stool over someone else. What do I do when this happens?

I cry.

Which is stupid.

So, I have a friend, Mike. We have a mutual friend. And few months back, he told me he had always liked her more than me. And being the stupid forgiving me, we made up after that statement made me cry till I fell asleep.

But oh wait, why did we made up? Mike wasn't talking to her because they got into a fight. This went on till around end of December when I, being stupid idiotic and basically brainless, passed on a message that led to them making up and being friends again.

Guess who got pushed into that 2nd place stool?

Yes, Hanis.

Of course, Mike denies it. He doesn't see what I'm trying to get to. He doesn't see how his statement months back affected me.

So, here's for you Mike.

*flips you off*

Fuck you Mike. Fuck you and your friendships. Fuck you and everything you said. Fuck you.

And yes, I'm fully expecting you talking so eagerly to me again when you fuck things up with her, again.

Fuck you Mike. Fuck you for making me cry so hard at the kitchen table this morning.


Experiment House said...

Yes, don't be a Mike! Be a Mozart instead!!!

Experiment House said...

And by the way, that Panda pic is sooooooo cute!!!

Aseela Haque said...

I hate Mike.

Aseela Haque said...

I love you Hanis. Don't cry. GET SOME DARK CHOCOLATE!!

ishashime said...

Mike is a stupid meanie. you deserve better.

Anonymous said...

mike was a jerk. he could jump off a bridge for all i care.
because there is no second place in friendship. real friendship is priceless, and i agree with ishamime. you deserve better girl.


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