Saturday, February 19, 2011

Think. Happy. Thoughts.

At a talk this afternoon, the speaker told us that we should have happy positive thoughts when we wake up in the morning. This will give us that perk up in our mood for the whole day. He asked us to give examples.

"Good morning"

"I look so pretty"

And so on. In my mind I was thinking:

"I'm still alive!"

Then, a guy from somewhere near the back of the hall said:

"Class got cancelled,"

We all agreed that is indeed the best positive thought to have in the morning.

"It will motivate all of you?"


"Motivate you to continue your sleep."

Fuck yes.

You know when you wake up, see that text in your phone from your class rep that class got cancelled and you have that smile on your face for exactly 5 seconds before snoring into your pillow again.

Best feeling ever.

Peace Out.

1 comment:

Aseela Haque said...

OHMYGOD I SWEAR THAT IS THE BEST FEELING EVER! I just feel infinite happiness before I slam my face into the pillow and give in to beautiful slumber.


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