Thursday, February 3, 2011

Letter to My Neighbour.

Dear 2nd Neighbour From the Right,

Next time, do give us a warning if you plan to set off BIG firecrackers that must have cost you quite the BIG red packet. So that the old people could wear earmuffs and avoid potential heart attacks. And so the mothers can put their babies in sound proof rooms. And also, so Hanis won't be so scared that she hides under her blanket in fear wondering if some kind of gang fight is going on out there.

Next year, do tell me so I can stay up and be prepared instead of getting the shock of this year. I might even join you because I love those firecrackers. It took me few minutes to gather enough courage so I can peek from behind my curtains half expecting a dragon or a gang fight. My mom had quite a laugh this morning when I told her.

So, Happy Chinese New Year! Enjoy your year of the Rabbit. Please don't take it as a sign to eat rabbit stew. Just watch loads of Bugs Bunny, alright? 2 more years to the Year of the Snake!

Your gorgeous neighbour.


Experiment House said...

Yes. Do not eat rabbits…they are just way too cute :)

ishashime said...

there was a huge celebration in front of our condo last night as well. fireworks, a marching band, basically the works. it went on until after 12 and i had a 7 AM class. i couldn't sleep until 2 AM. ugh. haha.

but it's cool since i get to eat tikoy (nian gao). :D Happy Chinese New Year!

Aseela Haque said...



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