Monday, February 21, 2011

Mozart, You Better Read This.

Dear Mozart,

Thank you for corrupting spoiling me with your nearly constant online presence. I have took it for granted am used to you always being online that right now, I have a dark cloud above my head. A dark cloud that came from my dissapointment in not having anyone to gossip to. Yes, I've turned you to a gossiping hen, clucking as we exchange juicy gossip.

The important question is, how will I survive once you go back to uni?


*ignores the fact that I'm at uni now*

*ignores the fact that the wireless here is crap*

We have to try the international texting again.

Oh crap. Battery is running low.

Don't get into trouble. Try to avoid as much trouble as you can.

Hanis the gorgeous.
P/S: I shall gossip later.

1 comment:

Experiment House said...

Answering this in the reverse.

Too late, I already got into more trouble than I should have.

Yeah, we should try, again.

I'll be home Monday nights, all Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, all Friday and most of the weekend! Not a problem.

And, for your information, you gossip, I pretend to listen xD

Take care.


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