Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Can't Think of a Title. Just Accept This.

Its 10.41 pm and I'm finally fucking done with my essay. Like, proof read by Mozart and printed out. So booya! I'm done with Economics. I hope. I even did the little exercise my Arabic lecturer told me to. I have to memorise my phone number in Arabic. Can someone like, kill me now? Well, just like, make me go to sleep and then pack my bags for this week.

Wait, this week? (I bet that's what you're all thinking, if not, just say you are)

Since Mama's all well, she gets her car back, I'm doomed in the hostels. Don't worry. I'll be home on Thursday night and you'll get to read about me ranting on some subject/idiot. Or anything. Wipe those tears away Mozart. I know you'll mention me in one of your posts.

Anyway, today while chatting online, someone asked me if I like to watch movies.

"Only at cinemas. That's because I paid to watch em. Not on tv or laptop though,"


"I feel like the movie goes too slow. Or there's commercials. But more like, I feel it moves slow. The same goes for tv shows. I rarely watch tv. And when I do, I'll do a lot of channel surfing or I'll get super bored and pissed at the commercials."

"... Do you have ADD?"

I laughed. Then thought about it. This thing I have against watching tv and shows on my laptop is one I have for about 4 years? And like, I love reading and using the internet. I do those two things at my own pace.

I hate window shopping. I hate being at the mall and just walking around. Yes, I don't see the point of going into stores and try clothes you're never going to buy just so you can take pictures of yourself wearing it in the dressing room mirror. FYI, most of those pics are overrated. Guess who don't really like going out with shopping minded friends?

For me, going to the mall compromise of getting/doing what you came for and grabbing something to eat before going back home. Please, do not just walk around because you want to fill up the hour. I'll be behind you dragging my feet and being sulky like a spoiled 5 year old. Yes, I still do that sometimes when Mama decides to walk around the mall.

I won't even start on how fast I lose interest in things. I have some other things (pack my bags/some ironing) to do before going to sleep. That is if I don't get distracted by something Mozart's saying :P

And yes, I have no idea if I do have ADD. Or had gotten it recently. Or a mild version of it. I just don't know! Maybe one of you can tell me?

Peace Out.

And don't miss me tooooo much. Comment loads.


Experiment House said...

I'll say it again: You're normal. I've never understood window shopping. Or shopping. Work out what you want, buy the stuff, and get home quickly. No pissing around wishing you had the money or impulsively heaping shit into your cart. Okay…I will survive until Thursday. You better be back. And - AND - if I ever visit you, that kiss for my hard work better be delivered xD

Hanis. said...

*hopes you didn't keep count of the number of kisses she had promised whenever you do her favours*

Annnd, if not Thursday, it will be Friday.

Experiment House said...

Oh, it's in double digits now I'm sure. Make it an even 10. xD Ah……that means I shall have to busy myself further.

Experiment House said...

But who's counting?

Aseela Haque said...

I don't like window shopping either. It's annoying and pointless.

By the way, why the fuck is it called WINDOW shopping?


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