Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sharing is Caring.

Remember that Economics test I had few weeks back? Well, I got a 23/30 for it. I was happy with it since the average is below 20. And a handful got below 10. So, the lecturer went:

"I'm not happy with the results. So, I'll do a re-test. And if I'm not happy with that one, we'll do another one!"

I felt like head banging my desk. Since, he added another chapter for the test. That test was yesterday. How did it go? I literally got cramps from all the writing. It was okay. I hope I'll get above 30 for this one as the full mark is 40.

Right now, I'm once again procrastinating from studying for my Financial Math test. Its tommorow, less than 24 hours away. Two chapters. I'm staring at my notes. Fallllling asleep. Being super lazy. Can I like, do it later?

Or even better, just sit beside a smart person and copy off him. And hopefully the lecturer will be his wonderful self, leave the class during the test so we'll get the chance to open our books. As always.

I got 3 quizzes on Friday. I know.

I'll just take a nap or laze around.

Study later.

Peace Out.

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Kamila said...

There's no other way to past the test but take the test.. lol.. just got that from my Tumblr.


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