Thursday, February 24, 2011

That Pro-Ana Post.

God, I just realised (at 10.26 pm Wednesday night) that I still haven't post on pro-ana. Yes, I feel so guilty. So, here goes.

Fact 1: I'm overweight.

Fact 2: According to the BMI system, I'm obese.

Fact 3: I'm gorgeous.

Pro-ana is promoting anorexia as a lifestyle, not a disease. No, I didn't do much research so stop bitching on how inaccurate I'm being. I've read enough pro-ana blogs to last me until all my fat tissues are used up.

What do I think of pro-ana? I think there's two types. The first one is the person who's doing it to lose weight. The second type is the person who aims for a weight that will surely push them to an early grave. 70lbs and so on.

To be honest, I've been in the first type few times in my life. But I can say, thankfully none lasted more than a month. I only cut down my food intake. Until it got to a point where I was light headed most of the time. Worst thing was the hallucinations. That was in 2008. Last time I went into that kind of thing.

I can still remember when I got used to eating so little that when I tried eating again my tummy got hurt. Such a pain. *shudders*. I got the shakes and knew that meant I need some sugar hence got some sweetened drink into me. Now, I'm not saying I was into anorexic habits. Just that I dabbled in some and didn't like it.

What about bulimia? Hell, I get nauseous so easily - even while brushing my teeth. Yes, it is easy for me to throw up. But, for that very reason, I hate the feeling of throwing up. I cry everytime I throw up when I'm sick. It hurts me that bad. Why would I purposely make myself throw up?

For some people this works. For most, the weight lost will come back and we all have read that by doing crash diets or anything, you fuck up your metabolism. Hence, the ongoing battle with your weight.

Some of the blogs I've read has these thinspo pictures. Honestly now I think of fattening up Kate Moss for being one of the main thinspiration. I've seen pictures of girls proudly showing off their ribs and spines. They say it as beautiful and all. I felt like crying. And being thankful that that school of thought is not the leading one in the world right now. I'd be the epitome of ugly if it were.

And I thought a certain asshole was bad with his insistent "You have to be 95lbs,".

I'm not going to say you pro-ana people are crazy. Its your body. Your life. If you end up dying, we'll have more oxygen. Don't take that one seriously but you get what I mean. It just saddens me that there's people out there who aims to be all skin and bones.

I'd rather die thin than live fat

Hey, we might be able to cut quite a percentage of the world's population if the people who believe in that line above really stick to it. More oxygen, less people, more food, better world.

Once again, don't take me seriously. But you get what I mean.

If you're doing it for a guy, tell him to fuck a twink. Seriously.

If you're doing it because your friends are all thin and you want to be part of the group, tell them to "fuck off". Friendships should not be that shallow.

If you're doing it because your family keeps calling you a whale, tell them to "fuck off" also and show them stories of people dying from anorexia. They won't want their kid to end up like that, if they're halfway decent. If they're not, just tell them to "fuck off" again.

If you're doing it because your role models are those celebrities, just know that most of them aren't worth being idolized.

If you're doing it to fit into those S or M sized clothes, try to think of how the clothes in Asia are much smaller and think of me trying to find those that fits.

If you're doing it because you look in the mirror and think how ugly you are, tell the mirror to "fuck off" because you're gorgeous.

If you're doing it because you think you're so ugly/fat/repulsive, think of your good points. If that fails, think of me and my obesity. Yes, you can feel better about yourself.

If you're doing it to be healthy, which fucking part of cutting off your calorie intake drastically, water fasting, pills, laxatives and whatever else is healthy? Go fucking jogging or something and eat healthily.

Oh yes, one last thing I don't get about the pro-ana diet, Diet Coke seems to be quite common as an energy booster. Like, what the fuck? The Diet part means nothing. Fucking eat some apple with peanut butter if you're that desperate.

Don't be hating me for this post. A total subjective, opinion one.

Peace Out.

[Hanis is now an avid water drinker, aiming for 4 liters per day while cutting off her sugar intake in drinks. She does not weigh herself religiously and take laxatives. She believes that the odd large-sized bar of chocolate is not a big sin. Once an avid lover of soft drinks, she cringes at a sip of Pepsi. - Ed.]


Furree Katt said...

i didn't even know such a thing as pro-ana existed! that's disgusting!
i really liked this post of yours. i don't understand why some people want to do something like this that might result in death. it's really awful.

Jamie Fox said...

Great post! And I completely agree. I'd rather have a few extra pounds and be healthy and happy than torture myself that way. It's just not worth it.

LionessWithoutAPride said...

"tell the mirror to "fuck off" because you're gorgeous."
My hero <3

Hanis. said...

@Furree, I know. When I first read blogs of it, I was so scared. But I guess some people need to control that aspect of their lives.

@Jamie, thank you :D

@Lioness, awww, why thank you. I've done that a lot of time to my mirror. <3


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