Friday, February 25, 2011

Week 3- Wishlist.

"What are five things from your wishlist?"

A wishlist. 5 things.

Hanis: Johnny Depp, Gary Oldman, Hugh Jackman, *insert name of high school crush* and *insert name of current its-just-a-small-thing crush*.

Mozart: We'll need to include pictures.

Hanis : ... I'll just change my wishlist up.

Amazingly, this week's topic is hard. I honestly have to think long and hard(keep your mind out of the gutter) before managing to scrap 5 things into this list. I present to you Hanis' wishlist.

One: That Particular Vanilla Scent

Once upon a time, there was this vanilla perfume I was in love with. It made me smell so luscious, like dessert. It made people crave for cookies/cakes/muffins/icecreams. It came short of hot guys wanting me as dessert. Then, the whole line of perfume (vanilla, pears and so on) stopped appearing in Carrefour. I cried. It was like part of me have died.

Two: The Dean's List

I got this once in my diploma. My aim for degree with 4 semesters? Get on that fucking to die for amazing list for at least two times. To quote Dad:

"I'm not expecting you to get a 4 flat. All I want is for you to get on the dean's list,"

A minimum of 3.5 it seems. I got my eye on you DL.

Three: Books

A minimum of one new book per month. Nuff said. There's no upper limit.

Four: Get My Adrenaline Going

No, not in that way. Unfortunately.

I was thinking of putting "Bungee Jumping" but then remembered all those wonderful rollercoasters that I simply adore. I run to those thrill rides like a girl run to the mega sale. Yes, I'm known to drag a friend or two along, begging them to get on a ride that will leave their hearts beating so fast with me.

The faster, the higher, the scarier, the more twists and turns the better. Imagine how I'll love you if you bring me bungee jumping. I'm still trying to persuade Dad to let me do reverse bungee jumping. Its when you sit in this ball thingie and you get sling up and down, roll around in such death approaching manner amazingly wonderful adrenaline pumping way.

*sighs happily*

Five: Still Unknown

I had this wishlist all done on Tuesday night. Then few hours ago I found out something that made no.5 seem wrong. So I ditched it, took time to think of another one and failed. *sighs* Looking at the bright side, it means I'm not a demanding person. Or something.

Want to read Mozart's list? Click here.

Peace Out.


Furree Katt said...

i always want a new book as soon as i finish reading one!
thanks for following my blog :D

Hanis. said...

I've been stalking your blog for a while :P

Just finally thought it would be easier to just follow.

LionessWithoutAPride said...

I LOVE vanilla. I can just imagine how that perfume must've smelt. My cough syrup is vanilla flavoured. >IdrinkitallthetimeI'maddictedhelpme<
I currently am suffering from a cough bout. So.

Hanis. said...

I'm a chocolate lover. Vanilla perfume is the only vanilla thing that I love. Hahahaha. It is for your health. *keeps away the syrup* Better yet, give me the name of it.

ishashime said...

i'd love to be on the dean's list, too. i am currently working on that. haha. also, hooray for books and things that get your adrenaline going!
although, i don't think i like vanilla that much. *eeps. cowers in a corner in case you don't agree with me not agreeing with you* haha.

Hanis. said...

Hahahahahaha.*pulls you out of the corner* That scent is the only vanilla thing that I like. Its just so sweet.


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