Thursday, February 10, 2011

Notes From This Week.

1. Do remember all the comments you leave on various blogs. Some of them might have replied. And is waiting for your reply.

2. Check your vision before barging out of the hostel so you won't only realise how blurry things look when you're approaching your faculty because you totally forgot your lenses. Or glasses.

3. Never think "I'll rewrite this later" when it comes to a messy page of notes. It will still be that when you flip open your book at the next class.

4. Everytime you circle the questions you have to do, don't get a memory loss and only recover that memory during the next class.

5. Guys are observant. And they gossip. Especially if they sit behind you in class. So don't do anything you won't do in front of your boyfriend future mother in law crush.

6. Studying Actuarial Math at 3pm while lying on your bed? Instant nap-time. Do it only when you have had 75% of the studying covered.

7. Listening to Sam Tsui's version of Hold It Against Me will eventually make you sing the words softly during a test. Your classmates might not like it.


Aseela Haque said...

The last one made me laugh :P I sing softly during an exam too and it pisses people off. A guy once complained to the invigilator about it :P

Kamila said...

I would totally check my vision before getting out. because I'm pretty blind.. haha


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