Monday, March 28, 2011

Amortentia, Personalised.

Raise your hands if you're a Harry Potter fan who has read all the books enough time to tell it in your sleep.

In Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince a magnificent potion appeared in Slughorn's first class. Yes, I'm talking about:


Its the love potion with characteristic spiral smokes and smell differently to each individual based on what attracts them. To a 16 year old me, it was a wonderful potion. To a now, 22 year old me, it tells me that love, has a smell. Not just one smell but a blend of them that only appeals to one person.

Imagine how many blends there are in this world!

So If you're like me, you're probably wondering how will love smell for you. And then, perhaps your mind started to give a suggestion on the components in your own blend of love. Taking cue from the book, it will be a mix of 3 smells. Three, perhaps common every day smells that you've been taking for granted.

Oh, what do I think love will smell like for me?

Well I've thought about this for about 4 years now perhaps, love will smell like:

Chocolate- I love chocolate, but only in dark or milk chocolate form. Rarely with nuts/caramels/fruits or anything. Especially not white chocolate. Yuck. Once upon a time, I knew someone who smelled like chocolate. And I was the only one who thought so. And till this day, if I take a sniff from a bar of milk chocolate, I'll smile like an idiot. Truly.

With a hint of

Books- Everytime I buy a new book, I'll flip the pages and take in the smell, even getting as far as pressing my nose against some random page. Some might say it's the smell of ink. But no. Books got that own smell which is not merely paper + ink. And like wine, the older the book, the more ... fine the smell will be. More full. Nothing comforts me the way a book does.

And of course

My bed & pillows after being away from them for awhile- Every week, when I come home from the hostel I'll take a shower and without getting dressed first, I'll bury my face in my pillows, spreading myself on the duvet with a satisfied sigh as all the burden/stress/fatigue of the week seems to melt away. Am I the only one who thinks that her own bed is just .. so .. "You're finally where you belong" smelling?

I might like how hotel beds are all bouncy while the pillows are all fluffy and how there's so many layers to the bedclothes. But I'll never feel comfortable enough or belonged enough on it. And no, I'm not referring to the the smell of unchanged sheets because I change mine every fortnight and still get the feeling after so.

*clears throat*

And that's how I think my Amortentia would smell like.

Perhaps it just means that the love of my life the guy would feed me chocolates and read for me while we're cuddling in bed?

Or perhaps this is one of those things that our brains and hormones have determined over time.

Who knows?

How will your Amortentia smell like? Tell me.

Peace Out.


Lioness Without A Pride said...

I really don't know, man :( I thought of this when reading the book, actually, but I couldn't figure it out. I wish I'd smell like comfort, strength and happiness. O_O

Experiment House said...

Ooh. Nice post. I absolutely love my bed. It's slightly too short for me (or, I am slightly too tall for it) but I find it really hard to sleep anywhere else but in it at home.

I think it would smell like…roses, books and a peculiar smell that you get when you turn on old musical equipment (yeah, it's very hard to explain).

*hugs* Fine. Saturday it will have to be…damn. Such plans to marry you and buy you a book on Friday. xDDDD


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