Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guess It's Someone's Birthday Today.

This day last year was a special day for me. Well, it was the birthday of someone who was very special to me at that time. I remember spending the day finishing their birthday gift. A 10,000 word story about a vampire and an angel. It was the long story that came after a series of short ones.

What did I get? Something less than gratitude.

So, in celebration of your birthday today, thank you very much for not being in my life anymore. I've never been better. Seriously. I hope you're still alive and less of a jerk out there. With age comes maturity but I'm not sure about you.

Thank you for all the hurt. Today, I had a wonderful day of classes, test and friends. I got a wonderful mark for last week's test. I would have never been here if it weren't for you not being here anymore.

Happy Birthday.

May you live long enough to regret what you did.

1 comment:

Experiment House said...

Good job you got rid of that loser, cousin.


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