Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week 4- Best Subject.

First off, I'm sick. I got a bloody sore throat, the freakishly loud sneezes and a blocked nose. No fever, yet but I got the bodily aches. Not from fun. On to this week's topic.

What subject did/do you excel in at school?

For gloating purposes, I mean, to make it easier, I shall talk about my highschool days. Talking about my uni subjects is snore-inducing,babbling by my own, confusing boring. Trust me.

Back in highschool, or as we call it here, secondary school, 5 years of exam oriented torture study, I was the top student somewhere in the middle. Let me see, I never got a B for Math, English and Islamic Studies. Yes. Laugh your hearts out at the last one. The last two never saw anything below 80% *winks winks* yet my parents never seem to remember that.

*thinks which one to talk about*

I'm chooooosing Islamic Studies. If my degree choice was based on high marks, I'll be doing one related to Islamic Studies. Imagine me being properly Islamic without any cursing and so on. *shudders*

Mozart, stop laughing.

However did I get to be one of the top students(10 or so) for this subject? Interest and a bloody good memory. And not to forget, my lovely revision book which is printed out in roman letters. The textbook? That one is written using Arabic alphabets in jawi (google) which makes it(for me) harder to read.

In that subject, there were 5 sections.






No, don't ask me to explain those. I barely remember them. But I was the girl in class who asked plenty of questions. And sometimes the girl people want to sit close to during exams. The number of times I helped classmates by whispering answers to them.

*stops my babbling*

So, that was my best subject. What didn't I do well in? Hmmm, Science. And maybe Arts. And Music back in primary school. Yuck. I so bet that might be Mozart's best subject. Read it.

Peace Out.


Hamza Bin Ladin said...

Studying religion at school..?
I thought mosques/Ilsamic centres were thietre for them..?
Anyways it's a good faith'full' choice.

Nice blog,BTW.
You have got urself a brand new follower.

Experiment House said...

*Can't contain himself* Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Hanis. said...

@ Hamza, well, its not as in depth but just the basics of religion. Basically, things and info you'll be thankful for one day. xD. And thank you for following! :D

*kicks Mozart*

Experiment House said...

Hanis, I do not want to engage in a game of virtual BDSM with you.

Furree Katt said...

oooh. i like Islamic Studies! just learning the history and the rights/wrongs, without going to extremes. it's always nice to have it as a subject.

Jodie-Ann said...

Cool! Islamic Studies!! :D I learned a bit about the different religions in high school. From grade seven to grade nine. I think I have to do it again next year. Lol.

Aseela Haque said...

Haha I was always good at Islamic Studies too. We used to call it Islamiyat.


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